AIMS is a state-of-the-art case management system designed to meet the unique needs of justice services agencies. The platform includes a diverse set of modular solutions, such as AIMS-Diversion, AIMS-Pretrial, AIMS-Specialty Court, and AIMS-Community Service, all aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of case management and program administration. By utilizing AIMS, agencies can streamline their processes, optimize program outcomes, and achieve greater levels of operational efficiency. Whether you are working in pretrial services, diversion programs, specialty courts, or community service programs, AIMS provides the tools and features necessary for success. Choose to use a single module, a combination of modules, or the entire AIMS suite to meet your specific operational needs.


AIMS-Diversion is the latest addition to the revolutionary AIMS platform providing criminal justice agencies a cutting edge case management system to track and analyze diversion programs. Guided by industry standards & best practices, this SaaS solution provides robust automation tools and workflows to facilitate efficiency and improve overall diversion program success.

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AIMS-Pretrial is a SaaS case and data management system designed specifically for Pretrial Services agencies to efficiently and effectively manage all phases of Pretrial. With a focus on providing tools to effectively measure and manage risk, AIMS-Pretrial leverages today’s most modern technologies and a high level of configuration to reflect industry best practices married closely with local policies and procedures.

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AIMS-Specialty Court

AIMS-Specialty Court blends today’s latest technologies with Specialty Court best practices and standards to provide the most comprehensive case management system available for all types of Specialty Courts. With a focus on improving collaboration, AIMS automates all aspects of Specialty Court operations from referral, screening, intake, case management, treatment, drug and alcohol testing, to phase progression, document management, report generation and data analysis.

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AIMS-Community Service

AIMS-Community Service is a powerful yet user-friendly case management system specifically created for court-ordered community service programs. The system comes with a variety of tools that can help manage the intake process, accounting information, work logs, and worksite assignments more efficiently. With AIMS-Community Service, you can take advantage of advanced reporting features that enable community service programs to measure and track outcomes, making it easier to manage and improve program performance.

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Senate Bill 6 (SB6) required OCA to implement a standardized public safety report system (PSRS) for statewide use, and OCA has contracted with Automon to provide the PSRS statewide…

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The Superior Court of California, County of Solano, hereby gives notice of its intent to award a contract for a Collaborative Courts Case Management Information System…

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The Louisiana Supreme Court is pleased to announce that AutoMon has been selected to receive the award of the Drug Court Case Management System…