AutoMon’s Caseload Explorer customers have access to Ce Analytics, providing critical insights into the general health of their agency and their case management database. Ce Analytics gives senior management the tools needed to deeply visualize and analyze all of their case management data through a series of dashboards which display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ce Analytics presents dashboards and metrics providing insight into Supervision Relative Burden, Investigation Relative Burden, Contact Compliance, Clients Needing Attention, Data Integrity and other key performance indicators that are critical in mitigating recidivism.

Supervision Relative Burden
Compares the workloads of each Officer allowing Users to view which Officers are overburdened or under burdened by Supervision Level and assist with future resource allocation.
Investigation Relative Burden
Displays the amount of Pre-sentence, Pre-plea and Supplemental Investigations that are assigned to each Investigations Officer, and the associated Relative Burden. “Burden” is measured by a weighted value representing the investigations assigned to a specific Officer and assists management is assigning future Investigation assignments.
Contact Compliance
The Contact Compliance Dashboard is a general representation of Client contact compliance over the last 3 reporting periods, or last two quarters. It also displays the average Contact Compliance sorted by Client's Supervision Level.
Clients Needing Attention
The Clients Needing Attention Dashboard provides list views of Clients who do not have a recorded Contact for the past 30 days, or those who are overdue for Reassessment or Case Review.
Data Integrity
The Data Integrity dashboard identifies data errors within Caseload Explorer, allowing for corrections to be made for accurate reporting. Numerical overviews are displayed, highlighting critical Caseload Explorer errors, including Active Clients on a Closed Caseload, Duplicate ID, Clients Missing a Disposition and Clients’ Past Maximum Expiration Date.

Built utilizing Microsoft Power BI™, Ce Analytics provides agencies the flexibility to add additional dashboards to measure KPIs unique to their individual agency.

Ce Analytics allows Probation Chiefs, Directors and Senior Management to:​

·         Visualize agency-driven data to allocate resources efficiently;

·         Manage caseload and investigations assignments through insight into overburdened and under burdened Officers;

·         Gain insight into critical data integrity issues within Caseload Explorer;

·         Identify Clients who are in immediate need of attention;

·         Export data for reporting.