Ce Check-in delivers Community-based Corrections agencies with a simple, affordable solution that provides flexible Client reporting, allowing staff to focus on Clients with more involved supervision requirements. Available as both a Web and Kiosk reporting solution, Ce Check-in provides an ideal reporting tool for low risk clients or as an enhanced, supplemental supervision tool for higher risk clients. Ce Check-in provides flexibility to manage reporting frequencies by a variety of factors while alerting Officers when clients are out of compliance or when events occur that require their attention (i.e., FTRs, change of address, employment, etc.).


Ce Check-in’s main Dashboard showcases key reporting metrics related to your agency’s automated reporting program. Agencies can easily view data from individual reporting locations or specific offices, as well as by pre-defined or custom date ranges.
Industry research shows Reminders significantly increase compliance rates – Ce Check-in provides the flexibility to deliver either email or SMS Text Reminders, delivered 48 hours prior to the end of a scheduled reporting period. Additionally, emails or text message Notifications are also delivered to notify clients of all missed check-ins.
News Feed
Ce Check-in’s News Feed provides real-time access to important reporting details, including FTRs, clients’ updated contact information, and responses to reporting questions that Officers need to be aware of.
Client Overview
The Client Overview provides a detailed Reporting History, with all Missed, Completed, Excused and next Scheduled check-ins. Additionally, Officers can easily manage a client’s reporting status by disabling their reporting privileges or adjusting their reporting schedule.
Client Reporting Details
Each completed check-in provides details specific to the reporting session, including a client photograph, time and date, IP address and GPS location of the check-in.
Client Reporting Details
Officers have the ability to send messages to clients which will be received when they complete a scheduled check-in. Additionally, during the client check-in, clients have the ability to update their home and mailing address, phone number and email address.
Client Reporting Details
Answers to each agency-defined question is displayed in the Check-in overview.


 Agencies define the exact questions clients are required to answer during each scheduled check-in while Officers have the ability to view client reporting history, check-in session details, GPS location, IP address and map of where the check-in was completed.

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk provide clients email, SMS Text or automated phone reminders, as well as SMS Chat functionality allowing Officers to exchange text messages with clients through Ce Check-in.

Increased Supervision Efficiency

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk allows community-based supervision agencies to:

  • Redirect their time and resources to higher-risk clients who require more intensive supervision and have greater needs;
  • Supervise large caseloads of low-risk clients more efficiently, saving time that can be redirected to other functions;
  • Better maintain client current address, employment status, contacts, and other information;
  • Eliminate the need for data entry and filing.

Improved Monitoring, Accountability, Convenience & Compliance

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk:

  • Provides a more accurate record of who is reporting and when (i.e., date, time, location) compared with other methods of non-face-to-face reporting;
  • Standardizes the reporting data collected from each client while proving Officer’s access to real-time data;
  • Provides data with increased accuracy and accessibility, allowing Officers to immediately hold clients accountable if they do not report per their reporting schedule;
  • Provides increased reporting flexibility, allowing clients to report at a time that is convenient for them without missing work, school, etc.;
  • Increases reporting compliance through SMS Text, phone or email reminders regarding upcoming reporting requirements.