Ce Drug Testing is a SaaS-based drug testing management system, allowing Community-based Corrections agencies to manage and generate random testing groups, record individual UA results, easily view client drug testing history and generate drug testing analytics and reports.

Analysis Dashboard
Ce Drug Testing features a comprehensive Analysis tool for users to view a variety of aggregate data measurements. Users can configure their dashboard, featuring real-time data to monitor and manage data relating to donors, results and test rates.
Collections Dashboard
Ce Drug Testing displays a list of donors who have been either randomly or manually selected for testing during a defined time period to aid Users in managing drug testing schedules.
Simple Tests
Ce Drug Testing provides Community-based Corrections agencies with a simplified collections workflow designed to quickly and easily record preliminary test results in one simple step.

Ce Drug Testing Overview:

  • A paperless system with an electronic record for each completed and aborted test;
  • Configurable testing workflow based on defined agency policies and procedures;
  • Access to data via the internet for complete mobility in the field
  • Ability to create randomized testing groups or conduct individual tests;
  • Ability to capture images of testing devices to store with the test record;
  • Real-time access to agency test data for reporting and analysis;
  • Fully integrated with Caseload Explorer, recording results from Ce Drug Testing as Drug Test Event;
  • Integration capabilities with third-party Drug Testing laboratories via standard web services API.