Ce Field provides mobile access to Caseload Explorer’s key supervision functions, allowing Officers to safely perform field contacts that are synchronized in real-time to Caseload Explorer. Ce Field is accessible from any web-enabled mobile device (iOs, Android and Windows platforms) and is fully functional on most browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and IE v. 9.0 or later.


Itinerary Overview
The Itineraries feature allows an Officer to create and manage planned field visits. Officers can utilize Caseload Explorer’s Itinerary Module to simplify scheduling, approving, and documenting an Officer’s field visits. Once approved, an Officer’s itinerary is automatically populated in Ce Field’s Itinerary Module for use in planning the most efficient routes and tracking the progress of scheduled client visits.
Caseload Overview
The Caseload Overview screen provides Officer’s a list of active clients that are assigned to them in Caseload Explorer. Within the Caseload screen, Officers can easily view the client’s mug shot, name, PIN, classification, days since the last in person contact and have ability to navigate to the client overview for a selected client.
Client Overview
Ce Field’s Client Overview provides Officers important information from existing data in Caseload Explorer. “Flags” (Active Warrant, Sex Offender, etc.) and/or Safety Warnings are clearly displayed to keep the officer informed and safe during each contact.
Entering Contacts
Contacts entered in Ce Field are automatically populated in Caseload Explorer as a Contact Event, including Contact Type, Collateral Contacts and Contact Details/Notes. Officers can utilize their mobile device’s speech-to-text functionality to dictate contact notes to save significant time with data entry.
Client Information at your Fingertips
Ce Field allows Officers to view the client’s most recent contact information and physical characteristics, including email, phone number, address, race, gender, hair/eye color and ethnicity.
Charges - Associates - Conditions
In addition to contact information and physical attributes, Ce Field provides Officers access to other important information, including Charges, known Associates (including “lives with”), and Conditions of Probation.


Ce Field provides easy access to important client information, including mugshot, risk level, caseload, Supervising Officer, Contact History, Safety Alerts, Warrant Status, Active Conditions, Charges, Associates and all contact information stored in Caseload Explorer.

Increased Officer Safety and Efficiency:

  • Access the most current client information through an integration with Caseload Explorer, providing the most current client data and allowing Officers to make the safest and most informed decisions;
  • Increase officer safety by displaying Caseload Explorer’s Safety Alerts and active Warrant Alerts when viewing a client’s overview;
  • Access step-by-step audio driving directions from an Officer’s current location to a client’s address for smarter, time-efficient routes;
  • Quickly enter a contact event from your mobile device, featuring built-in speech to text entry for contact details;
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and save valuable time as all contact notes recorded in Ce Field are synchronized as Contact Events in Caseload Explorer;
  • Create, manage and track progress with Itineraries for planned field visits.