Fully integrated with Ce Assessments, Ce Planning is a web-based system that allows Community-based Corrections staff to initiate individualized case plans targeting each client’s specific needs. Ce Planning links assessment results to the process of individualized case planning and appropriate service provision.



Ce Planning’s reporting dashboard includes various metrics that provide important insights into an agency’s case planning activities, including the number of Active Plans, Plans Due in Date Range, Plans Late, Steps Late, Clients with no Active Plans, Goals by Status and Title IV-E Eligible Clients.
Client Overview
The Client Overview provides important client information pertaining to assessment history, all active case plans. From the Client Overview screen, staff can easily navigate to view assessment reports, manage and associated case plan documents. From the Client Overview, staff can manage active case plans or create a new case plan.
Creating and Managing Case Plans
Case Plans are easily created in Ce Planning by identifying Problem and Goal Statements, Needs to be addressed (as identified through the Risk and needs Assessment), Action Steps and Milestones. The Case Plan is a dynamic document made available through Ce Planning for continual updates and modifications through completion.
Case Plan Reports
Case Plan Reports are easily generated in Ce Planning, detailing client information, Case Plan information, needs to be addressed and milestones. All case plans can be signed electronically by the client, Parent/Guardian (if applicable), Officer and Supervisor with a Topaz Signature Pad.
Assessment Reports
The Client Overview screen includes the history and outcome of all completed risk/needs assessments for the client. Assessment reports for all completed assessments can easily be accessed from within Ce Planning to assist with the creation of individual case plans.
Title IV-E Pre-Placement & Placement Case Plans, TILP & NMD Case Plans
Ce Planning provides advanced functionality enabling the Title IV-E Pre-Placement and Placement Case Plans, as well as Transitional Independent Living and Non-Minor Dependent case plans as standard offerings for eligible juveniles. These case plans can be created and managed within Ce Planning with the ability to print for required signatures.

Ce Planning provides staff the ability to create goals with clearly defined action steps for each identified criminogenic need and tracks client progress towards each goal. Officers can also manage case plans in Ce Planning or through a Microsoft Word™ integration, track case plan milestones and manage Title IV-E case plans and documentation.

AutoMon’s Ce Assessments customers have access to Ce Planning as a part of their Ce Assessments subscription.