• Ability to automatically sync the client’s reference photo from Caseload Explorer to Ce Programs.

  • Ability to manage facilitators and auto-calculate their success ratings for internal programs.


  • Submit Referrals & New Enrollment

  • Ability to display program/provider results when only a Provider is selected

  • Fixed issue where user can manually type a date in the future for Termination Date


  • Ability to export the Ce Programs database per tenant on a nightly basis*

  • Fixed issue where deleting attendance for an enrollment results in error

  • Fixed issue where deleting records from Group Attendance Screen results in error

  • Modified “Dosage” to be required when recording attendance

  • Added ability to select a termination date for an enrollment and display throughout UI Dashboard: Fixed issue where the drill-down did not list the “Provider” when a referral was made to a Provider

         *Please contact Sales for pricing and additional information.