Ce Programs provides Probation agencies the most comprehensive Referral and Program Management tool available. Fully integrated with AutoMon’s Probation case management system, Caseload Explorer, Ce Programs automates the referral, enrollment and attendance tracking processes and gives immediate visibility into client progress. Ce Programs provides Probation agencies the tools to manage their internal and external Program Providers, simplifying the identification and referral processes of specific Program Providers and Programs. Once enrollments are complete, Officers can easily view participant progress, track attendance and share notes, case plans and other relevant documents with Program Providers.



Provides users with real-time metrics about referrals, enrollments, and services. Users can drill-down each metric and search by caseload as well as export the data to a spreadsheet.
Program Overview & Enrollment
View all pertinent information about the Program, including location, contact information, services, restrictions, and a comprehensive list of attendees.
As your organization evolves have the ability to track as many programs as you need.
Provider Overview
Manage existing providers and invite new providers.
Users & Roles
Assign users one of the three roles offered in Ce Programs to keep data and access in the correct hands.

For participating Program Providers, Ce Provider provides an automated tool to accept referrals, enroll participants in Programs, and track attendance. All actions taken by Providers in Ce Provider are fully visible by referring Officers and the Probation agency.

Increased Visibility

Summary database of all internal and external Providers and their Programs, including contact information, available contracted Programs and overall success rating;

Configurable Dashboard to provide Officers and Probation management an overview of referral statistics, enrollments, success rate, enrollments by type and useful trends;

Easily view all participants and attendance history;

View all referrals and status – pending, accepted, approved and those awaiting action;

Officers are immediately alerted when clients fail to attend scheduled program sessions.


Quickly search for applicable Programs or Providers based on client needs, by program type, service type, location, intensity, modality, etc.;

Supports multiple referral processes, allowing agencies to make referrals to a specific program/provider, multiple programs/providers or provide a list of programs/providers for the client to contact.

Measure What Matters

Analysis Dashboard provides insight into Referrals, Enrollments, Successful and Unsuccessful Trends, Enrollments by Service Type and Success Rate;

Visibility into where clients are enrolled and overall Success rate by Provider;

Ability to build and download custom queries in Microsoft Excel in an effort to keep up with ever-changing reporting requirements.


Significantly reduce the need for data entry, as Program Providers have the ability to directly record program attendance and participation levels;

Both agencies and Providers can easily share important documents through Ce Programs, including Assessment Reports, Case Plans, Consent Forms, Certificates of Completion, etc.