Released: Q2 2018

  • CA Standard Only – Modifications have been made to the CA Standard “Adult Monthly DOJ Report.” Please see the Report Definition document located in Trello: 
  • Global – When an Offender Merge is completed, there will now be an “Offender Merged” event created on the surviving Offender’s record.
  • CA Only – Fixed an issue where inactive officers from the CLETS Operator drop-down still appear from the CLETS Requests page.
  • Global – Caseload Explorer will now restrict case creation for an offender on a closed caseload.
  • Global – Caseload Explorer will now support CJIS Password Compliance rules in accordance with FBI section to enforce CJIS password complexity and frequency of change. NOTE: Users with passwords older than 90 days will be prompted to change their password at login after the upgrade to v6.1.2.
  • NY Only – NYS ITS additions and modifications to the Ignition Interlock Device tracking & Leandra’s Law tracking in Caseload Explorer include:
    1. Creating a new event and report to allow departments to track compliance with IID regulation requirements.
    2. Updating Caseload Explorer to delay sending information to IPRS regarding supervision case status, the initial Case Plan and the PRCR.
    3. Updating the existing IID report to include additional information.
    4. Case Entry Process Modifications to include Leandra’s Law information, including Activities Due.
    5. New “Leandra’s Law” tree node to monitor CCS cases that are subject to Leandra’s Law.
  • NY Only – Modifications have been made to the SORA report. Please see the Trello card for the list of detailed changes.
  • NY Only – New Research Role and Research Tree to allow users with permission to analyze data in 3 ways: By Activity, By Demographics and By Offense Category. Please see the document link provided in Trello for additional information on this enhancement.
  • NY Only – Fixed issue where an update to MED on a Closed CCS was not initiating an activity due for the officer.