Released: Q3 2018

AutoMon has completed development on Caseload Explorer v6.2; deployment of this latest version will be completed by AutoMon’s Support and DevOps teams on a per County basis. AutoMon Support will contact your designated IT Contact to schedule this release.

v6.2 resolves several reported issues, as well as the following changes:

Active Only Filter Added to Cases Page for Associations

As part of our efforts to improve usability, improvements to the Associationspage have been made to make it easier to understand when a case association is active. Instructional text and inactive status highlighting has been removed. The Active column now displays the status of the association on the case.

CA Customers:

New Juvenile Referral Type – “450 WIC Transition Jurisdiction (EFC)”

A Juvenile Referral Type has been added named “450 WIC Transition Jurisdiction (EFC)”. For some Counties, a Case Type of Referral has been added for this new type. This new Case Type has been mapped to events that currently support ALL Referral types, including Close and JCPSS status values. The Case Type will display on reports that currently support all Referral Types.

Automatically Delete CLETS Result Based on Results Entered Date

CLETS results will now be purged from Caseload Explorer after they have been in the system for 72 hours for Juveniles and 30 days for Adults. By default, this will occur each day at 2:00 AM, local time. This does not affect CLETS requests as they will remain in the system.

These values can be modified in System Administration via Installation Parameters. After the upgrade to v6.2, and the Installation Parameters have been set, all previous CLETS results will be deleted.

Installation Parameters in System Administration: