v6.5 resolves several reported issues, as well as the following feature enhancements:


An Itineraries module has been introduced in v6.5, simplifying scheduling, approving, and documenting of officer’s field visits. The new Itineraries functionality eliminates the need to individually search for clients, manually schedule contact events and run a report. The new module supports a dynamic workflow by consolidating tasks, such as itinerary planning and contact documentation, into a single, intuitive interface. At the same time, Supervisors have the ability to approve or disapprove scheduled Itineraries within this workflow.

Powerful features within the module allow users to seamlessly search for and add clients to an itinerary. The Itineraries Module will then retrieve each client’s address and case data, so that users can print driving-directions and generate an Officer Itinerary Report.

Additionally, the new Itinerary module has been linked with the Events Tab on the client’s Property Sheet. In order to eliminate tedious client searches and client contact event creation, visits approved within the module will automatically generate Contact-Field Visit events. Users can now simply click on a client in their itinerary to open and edit that contact event.

For a detailed description of the Itineraries module, click the box below:

New Permissions – Scars, Marks & Tattoos

Users now have the ability to setup permission rules pertaining to Scars, Marks and Tattoo information.

New Permissions – Vehicles

Users now have the ability to setup permission rules for vehicle information.

CA Customers Only – Prop 63 – New Report Type

Users now have the ability to select Prop 63 as a report type when creating a service.

When the Prop 63 Investigation Report Type is selected, a new view to capture Handgun(s) confiscated, Rifle(s) confiscated, Shotgun(s) confiscated, where the weapons were relinquished and if the client was compliant or not.

Should you have questions related to any of the new functionality released in v6.5, please contact AutoMon Support.