Released: 11/21/2019. 

Caseload Explorer Hosted customers are scheduled to be upgraded beginning after 5:00 PM EST; customers in other time zones will be upgraded after 5:00 PM local time. There is an anticipated downtime of up to 1 hour.

All other customers should contact AutoMon Support ( to schedule their upgrade. v6.8.1 will be installed via an automated installer that will be provided by AutoMon Support; although the installation via the installer is a largely automated process, AutoMon Support will be available for technical assistance during scheduled installations.

Caseload Explorer v6.8.1 resolves several bugs, as well as the following global enhancements for all customers.

Documents linked to Sealed Cases

Several customers have requested that documents related to a sealed case not be viewable to users that do not have permissions to view sealed cases. While all customers have the ability to seal, not every customer wishes to implement functionality of sealing related documents.

To accommodate individual customer policy, AutoMon has implemented a new EnabledSealedDocuments” Installation Parameter. The Install Parameter allows System Administrators to manage local policy related to sealed cases/documents in Caseload Explorer.

When the Value is set to True, documents linked to a sealed Folder or Case will not be accessible for users who do not have the View Sealed Cases permission enabled.

When the value is set to False, the View Sealed Cases permission is disregarded and documents linked to a sealed Folder or Case will be accessible for all users with permissions to view documents.

*NOTE: When a Folder is sealed, all “child” Cases are sealed as well, therefore all Folders and child Cases linked to documents will be suppressed for users without adequate permissions.

Search Enhancements

In an effort to improve Caseload Explorer’s Search capabilities, especially for larger agencies, several enhancements to the Quick Search have been implemented:

  1. When a user enters last name and then a comma, the results returned will be specific to that name (i.e., a search for “Vegas,” should only return last names that are exactly Vegas);
  2. When the user enters a first name followed by a space, only exact first name matches will be returned (i.e., “Steve ” would only return First names of Steve, but not Steven – or anyone with the last name Stevens);
  3. The Quick Search will still return a maximum of 10 results, however, “See More Results” has been added at the bottom of the results list:

When clicked, See More Results will launch the Search Results dialog with the entered search information (Note: this ONLY applies to name search, not case, NYSID, or PIN, or other customer-specific searchable items). The Search Results will display all matching values with sortable column headers:

Ability to Print Compact Client Overview Page

Enhanced functionality now provides users the ability to print the Client Overview in a smaller, more compact view. To print the new Overview format, select Ctrl+P to render a presentable and printable client overview on a single page (subject to amount of data displayed).