Caseload Explorer v6.9 resolves several bugs, as well as the following global enhancements for all customers:

Global Search Improvements

Global Client Search criteria has been improved to allow for more accurate client searches. The following improvements have been implemented:

  • Changed search to Starts With (First Name) or Starts With (Last Name);
  • Users can enter a comma after the last name and the system will search by last name only (i.e., Doe);
  • Users can enter a space after the first name and the system will search by first name only (i.e., John);
  • When the search results exceed ten clients, a “See more results” link will appear at the bottom of the search dialog as shown below:

Clicking on this link will open a new screen with all results displayed that matched the search criteria entered:

Ability to Create a Person Association on a Closed Case

Users can now create a person-association on a client that has a closed case where all open and closed cases will be available within the case drop-down. There is a new setting within System Administration called “Installation Parameter” that will allow an agency to support adding organization and/or person-associations on a closed case as shown below:

Officer Permission Changes

Caseload Explorer System Administrators can now apply a more granular permission structure for Officer/User profile information. The following Officer permission changes have been implemented and/or removed:

Note: The Important Signature permission has been renamed to Capture Signature.

Relocated and Renamed Ce Sync Errors Tree Node

The tree node Ce Sync Errors has been relocated to the “View” navigation menu list and has been renamed “Sync Errors.”

There have also been new permissions implemented to allow agencies to restrict access to this page.

Ability to Assign a Case to the Closed Caseload Manually

Agencies now have the ability to manually add clients to the Closed Caseload if all active cases have been closed. When moving a client to the Closed Caseload, the user will be presented with a dialog message if the client has an active case.

Enhanced Permissions For Viewing Case Information on Overview

A new permission titled, “View Case Information” has been implemented. This allows System Administrators to restrict users from viewing case information on the Overview. Note: this permission will be turned off by default.

System Administrators will need to update their Permission Groups to allow users to see case information on the client’s overview. 

Enhanced the Organization Contact List Alphabetically

The Organization’s Contacts page will now list contacts alphabetically. This list was previously sorted by the last entered date and time.

Added Search Criteria, Results and Sortable Columns to the Find Caseload Page

Users can now conduct a Find Caseload search using “Status” and “Is Reporting” (which is specific to Ce Check-in.) criteria.  In addition to the two new search parameters, the search results will now contain pagination and the list can be sorted by any column, as shown below:

Accounting – Changing Check Numbers on the Print Checks Screen

In an effort to save user’s time when printing checks, Caseload Explorer now automatically increments print check numbers starting with the number one (1) from the last check number entered on the print checks screen. 

Reports – .PDF Viewer for Saved Reports

After saving a report, clicking on the saved report list item no longer immediately displays the report. Users can delete it or click on the Download icon to download the report as a .PDF. The “New” icon has been removed, as downloading saved reports no longer removes the currently displayed new report.

Print Checks Report Updates

The Print Checks Report in Caseload Explorer Accounting has the following updates:

  • The Print Checks report will now be immediately downloaded in a new tab for both .PDF and .XML formats;
  • The report window has been removed, and a simple message displays stating that the report is now being downloaded.