Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, AutoMon provides case and data management solutions to City, County and State Probation, Pretrial, Specialty Court and Corrections agencies throughout North America. As one of the largest and most respected developers of innovative industry solutions, AutoMon creates lasting value for our customers by combining deep domain and industry knowledge, today’s most advanced technologies, and first class service. This philosophy continually challenges our team to approach our customer’s evolving needs with new and innovative approaches to software development while constantly striving to develop domain-driven, purpose-built solutions.

Since our founding in 1992, AutoMon has remained committed to expanding our products and services to better serve the Community-based Corrections market. Whether through the acquisition of complementary business lines, continuous enhancement to our core products or investments in new, domain-driven, purpose-built solutions, AutoMon has remained committed to delivering continuous value to our customers through innovation and investments in new technologies.


Product Domains


Software Solutions designed specifically for Probation Departments



Case Management Solution designed specifically for Pretrial Services Agencies


Specialty Court

Case Management Solution designed specifically for Specialty Courts



Case & Matter Management Systems designed for Legal Firms and P&A Agencies


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