For over 20 years, AutoMon has been providing innovative case and matter management solutions for law firms, government agencies, corporate legal departments and insurance companies. AutoMon’s legal case and matter management system, Practice Manager, is currently utilized by a wide variety of public agencies and private firms in 42 states and seven foreign counties.

At the core of Practice Manager are nine distinct functional elements – each with a high degree of customization to best serve the needs of our diverse customer base: Matter & Entity Management, Document Assembly and Management, Calendar/Task & Event Management, Discovery Management, Workflow Management, Notes & Templates, Groupware/Email Correspondence, Time & Expense Tracking and Reporting.

AutoMon’s Protection & Advocacy Case Management System PANDA has been designed through collaboration with Protection and Advocacy agencies with the intent to provide a comprehensive P&A data management system to easily manage all aspects of agency operations. The SaaS solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Hosting platform, ensures the highest levels of data security without the burdens and expense of internal IT system maintenance. With intuitive workflows designed specifically for Protection & Advocacy agencies, PANDA provides comprehensive functionality to efficiently manage all aspects of P&A agencies, from recording initial requests through case referral or closure.

At the core of PANDA are seven distinct functional elements – each designed specifically to manage P&A firms: Detailed Intake, User Experience, P&A Program Activities, Administrative Tools, Legal Case Management, Accessibility and Reporting.


Detailed Intake

Intuitive workflow that allows requests for help to be efficiently logged, managed, evaluated and converted to cases and I&Rs

Other Program Activities

Handles other P&A activities such as abuse and neglect investigations and facility monitoring activities

Manages training and outreach activities such as planning, scheduling, data collection and reporting

Manages other program projects


Collects data necessary to produce all federal P&A reports. Several federal FY 2019 reports are already operational. The remainder will be ready for end-of-year submission.

Identifies missing client data and other issues to ensure the highest quality data possible in reports to federal and other funders

Built-in querying and filtering features allow impromptu data reports and analysis

Configurable to gather data and produce reports for state and local funders and for private grants

Legal Case Management

Simplified data entry and navigation

Quality control reminders for missing data

Calendar to accommodate cases and projects, as well as individual and group events

Centralized document storage and templates for letters, court filings and forms

Email integration

Supervisor features for easy access to and oversight of employee cases

Manages class actions and other systemic litigation

Administrative Tools

Confidentiality features enable use by executives, administration and human resources

Dedicated log for handling donations and other checks

Manages administrative and operational projects

Summary time reports for P&A and other public and private grant draw downs


Our goal with PANDA is to reach Level II of the WCAG 2.2 accessibility guidelines for software applications. Our efforts are dependent on the continued improvement of available development tools as well as on the creativity of our development team, aided by the active and constructive input from our customers, to achieve our accessibility goals for Panda.

User Experience

Intuitive modern user interface that makes training staff a snap

Cloud storage enables multiple attorneys and management staff to share case or project files anywhere

Time Keeping

Easy to use automation of timeslip creation for every aspect of a P&A’s work

Easy to change funding source for cases and projects

Produces individual employee timesheets and other time reports for time verification and accountability

Produces summary reports for each employee, supervisor and department to easily track time by funding source and activity


PANDA delivers data security and protections to comply with federal and state regulations

Cloud storage protects against unauthorized intrusion through encryption of all data

Near real time backups ensure case files are never lost

Competitive Pricing

Procuring PANDA is easy with it’s Competitive Annual Subscription Rate


Protection & Advocacy for Assistive Technology

Protection & Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security

Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness

Protection & Advocacy for Individual Rights  

Protection & Advocacy for People with Traumatic Brain Injury

Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois & Chicago Bar Foundation