Caseload Explorer was designed to simplify and empower the management of all areas of Community-based Supervision. In a single application with an efficiently organized data store, Caseload Explorer provides a case and financial management system in a secure environment for protecting, organizing, sharing, and managing client information. Caseload Explorer’s powerful underlying technology and sophisticated data model can help agencies connect and synchronize multiple applications to make IT integration challenges more manageable. Caseload Explorer is firmly built on advanced Microsoft® technology and can scale to handle exponential growth without compromising system performance.

Originally developed in 1996, Caseload Explorer has continually evolved to meet our customers’ changing needs. Caseload Explorer v6.0, released in 2017, provides a wide array of feature enhancements with full browser independence and responsive design for smartphone and tablet use. Additionally, AutoMon’s Ce Connect Suite of domain-driven solutions – Ce Assessments, Ce Planning, Ce Drug Testing, Ce Check-in (Web & Kiosk), Ce Field, Ce Pretrial, Ce Analytics, Ce Programs and Ce Provider – are tightly integrated with Caseload Explorer.

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Adult Offenders

Caseload Explorer captures and stores Adult Offenders’ personal information and criminal history. Using the customizable Intake Wizard, the Offender Record stores the numerous details required by each agency, from demographic details such as gender, age, email, phone and addresses to more unique details such as scars, marks and tattoos. Additionally, Caseload Explorer captures other pertinent information such as cases, associates, address history, work history, program assignments and compliance.


Caseload Explorer provides comprehensive case management functionality. Users can easily track the vast array of events and details for any case type, including offender interview locations, supervision plans, drug court/mental health screening provisions, criminal histories, court and general date reminders, etc. All cases belonging to an offender can be searched or reported on by various criteria, and cases can be manually entered or imported from third-party systems.

Document Management

Caseload Explorer boasts a unique Document Management system, featuring one centralized storage area for all related information, photos, video/audio files and documents. Users can upload a variety of documents to a specific offender or case, and once a document is uploaded, it is immediately available to review and update. Caseload Explorer allows our customers to move away from hard copy storage and scan documents directly into the offender record.


As Program Providers provide critical services to Offenders that support Evidence Based Practices, Caseload Explorer provides the capacity to quickly record and store Program related information within the Offender’s record. At a glance, users can quickly view the “Program Type” (Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Counseling, Education, Work Release, etc.), listing status (referred, referral rejected, enrolled) in addition to the start and scheduled end date. Caseworkers can easily view the number of days the Offender has participated in the program, as well as more detailed information about the Program such as Attendance, Program Provider, Details, Milestones and Events.

In 2017, as part of AutoMon’s strategy of developing domain-driven solutions, AutoMon will release Ce Programs and Provider Exchange. Fully integrated with Caseload Explorer to track referrals and participant progress, Ce Programs allows each agency to manage their internal and external program providers, simplifying the identification of specific program providers or programs offered to more efficiently locate the correct program. Officers can easily see participant progress, track attendance and share notes, case plans and other relevant documents to program providers.

For participating Program Providers, Provider Exchange allows for an automated tool to accept referrals, enroll participants in programs and track attendance – all actions taken by Providers in the Exchange are fully visible by referring officers and the agency. Additionally, Program providers may utilize the tool at no cost, not only to manage referrals from County Probation but to manage attendance for all clients they may be serving, from all agencies.

Juvenile Offenders

Caseload Explorer helps efficiently track and manage Juvenile Offenders while adhering to jurisdictional security and judicial mandates. Caseload Explorer stores demographic and personal information such as gender, DOB, address and phone, as well as information related to their offense such as charge type, restrictions and conditions. Caseload Explorer also tracks Active Referrals or Case file(s), as well as the assigned Supervisor and/or Caseworker. If the Juvenile is placed into a juvenile facility, Caseload Explorer allows caseworkers to easily manage intake with a customizable intake/release workflow, providing the functionality to track appointments and release information, manage property, record behavioral habits, and access events and disciplinary action.


Users can easily create and track suggested and court-ordered conditions within Caseload Explorer, which comes pre-loaded with a list of common conditions, with the ability to easily create new Conditions, as needed. With the “enter it once” and “use it again” mentality, efficiency is increased and tracking specific information for each offender is simplified. Users are able to select standard Conditions of Probation, which are automatically loaded into pre-designed document templates.


Caseload Explorer’s Calendar allows users to view upcoming court dates, offender appointments and daily, weekly and monthly schedules of other officers. Each officer is able to track and maintain their schedule, as well as offender schedules in daily, weekly and monthly views. All calendar views are filter based, allowing users to see all or selected events scheduled.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Caseload Explorer’s Ad Hoc Reporting provides ability to retrieve, organize and display specific information. Whether to display an aggregate list of offenders, their offenses, addresses by caseload or information that measures workflow, Caseload Explorer Ad Hoc Reporting provides this capability. Ad Hoc is an integrated tool that allows users to design flexible, multi-level filtered reports that can be easily be converted to Excel, .PDF or other formats.

AutoMon has developed an elaborate data model for use with the Ad Hoc Reporting tool supplied by Microsoft SQL Server. Using this tool in conjunction with the AutoMon data model, authorized users can construct detailed queries of Caseload Explorer data and add filtering, sorting, grouping and formatting criteria.


Caseload Explorer tracks all types of Associations from friends, gang members, co-defendants, relatives, experts and victims – storing information that can easily be used to cross-reference offenders with other associated individuals. Additionally, Caseload Explorer has the dynamic ability to manage organizational data, allowing users to see which offenders are employed at a particular company, affiliated with a particular gang, or attending a particular school.

Community Service

Caseload Explorer simplifies the tracking of Community Service hours, capturing Start and End dates, as well as Hours Completed. Community Service programs are fully configurable, so each customer can track the information that is important to their agency. Additionally, Community Service hours can easily be added or removed if changed by the Court.


Documenting, tracking and reviewing events such as drug tests, assessments, field or office visits, PSI reviews, or early terminations are all easily managed within Caseload Explorer. Caseload Explorer’s Event management functions manage the varying tasks and responsibilities related to each event. Each Event recorded in Caseload Explorer is configured with unique and appropriate workflows, prompting users to complete the required information. Caseload Explorer Events are configurable by customer, with the ability for users or Administrators to configure alerts or reminders on specific Events.


Caseload Explorer’s Accounting System provides a comprehensive solution developed specifically for Community-based Corrections agencies. Caseload Explorer Accounting provides basic tools from Accounts Payable and Receivable to more specialized features such as Victim Trust Accounting, Obligations Management and Auditing.

Caseload Explorer Accounting incorporates double-entry accounting principles, customizable and adjusting journals, multiple hierarchical department and/or locations, and other financial applications into one user-friendly accounting system.

Caseload Explorer’s Accounting System provides full General Ledger functionality (Receivables, Obligations, Receipts, Disbursements, and Activity and Balance for any account, case or offender), the ability to manage Receivables (court costs, fines, restitution, program costs, drug tests and supervision fees), Manage Obligations using Payment Plans, Victim Trust Accounting and Joint and Several management capabilities.