Our Products

For over 20 years, AutoMon has focused on developing innovative solutions for the Community-based Corrections industry. As our customer’s needs have evolved, so has our commitment to innovation through continuous enhancement of our solutions and a sound strategy to leverage today’s most modern technologies. Whether through case management solutions for Probation, Pretrial or Specialty Courts or domain-specific SaaS products to improve client interactions and outcomes, AutoMon is proud to be the leading innovator of new products and solutions in the markets we serve.

AIMS-Diversion is the latest addition to the revolutionary AIMS platform providing criminal justice agencies a cutting edge case management system to track and analyze diversion programs. Guided by industry standards & best practices, this SaaS solution provides robust automation tools and workflows to facilitate efficiency and improve overall diversion program success.


AIMS-Pretrial is a SaaS case and data management system designed specifically for Pretrial Services agencies to efficiently and effectively manage all phases of Pretrial. With a focus on providing tools to effectively measure and manage risk, AIMS-Pretrial leverages today’s most modern technologies and a high level of configuration to reflect industry best practices married closely with local policies and procedures.

AIMS-Specialty Court

AIMS-Specialty Court blends today’s latest technologies with Specialty Court best practices and standards to provide the most comprehensive case management system available for all types of Specialty Courts. With a focus on improving collaboration, AIMS automates all aspects of Specialty Court operations from referral, screening, intake, case management, treatment, drug and alcohol testing, to phase progression, document management, report generation and data analysis.

Caseload Explorer

Caseload Explorer was designed to simplify and empower the management of all areas of Community-based Supervision. In a single application with an efficiently organized data store, Caseload Explorer provides a case and financial management system in a secure environment for protecting, organizing, sharing, and managing client information. Caseload Explorer’s powerful underlying technology and sophisticated data model can help agencies connect and synchronize multiple applications to make IT integration challenges more manageable.

Ce Connect Suite

Additionally, AutoMon’s Ce Connect Suite of domain-driven solutions – Ce Assessments, Ce Planning, Ce Drug Testing, Ce Check-in (Web & Kiosk), Ce Field, Ce Pretrial, Ce Analytics, Ce Programs and Ce Provider – are tightly integrated with Caseload Explorer. If you would like to schedule a demonstration of one or multiple Ce Connect Products, click the button below.

Ce Analytics
Caseload Explorer KPIs
AutoMon’s Caseload Explorer customers have access to Ce Analytics, providing critical insights into the general health of their agency and their case management database. Ce Analytics gives senior management the tools needed to deeply visualize and analyze all of their case management data through a series of dashboards which display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ce Analytics presents dashboards and metrics providing insight into Supervision Relative Burden, Investigation Relative Burden, Contact Compliance, Clients Needing Attention, Data Integrity and other key performance indicators that are critical in mitigating recidivism.

Built utilizing Microsoft Power BI™, Ce Analytics provides agencies the flexibility to add additional dashboards to measure KPIs unique to their individual agency. Ce Analytics allows Probation Chiefs, Directors and Senior Management to:​
• Visualize agency-driven data to allocate resources efficiently;
• Manage caseload and investigations assignments through insight into overburdened and under burdened Officers;
• Gain insight into critical data integrity issues within Caseload Explorer;
• Identify Clients who are in immediate need of attention;
• Export data for reporting.

Ce Assessments
Assessment Data Management
Ce Assessments provides access to proprietary and public domain Risk, Needs and Behavioral Screening assessments through an intuitive Saas-based assessment management platform. Assessors can complete a variety of assessments, interpret results, view assessment history, and generate completed assessment reports. Ce Assessments provides real-time access to assessment data for reporting and analysis and is fully integrated with Ce Planning, utilizing assessment-identified needs to create dynamic Adult and Juvenile Case Plans, including Title IV-E.

AutoMon is proud to partner with Evident Change, the nation’s premier developer of actuarial risk assessments for use in adult corrections, juvenile justice, child welfare, adult protective services and public financial assistance. Ce Assessments serves as Evident Change’s software delivery platform for their JAIS™ and CAIS™ risk and needs assessments.
For more information on Evident Change and the JAIS™ and CAIS™ assessments, visit http://www.evidentchange.org/assessment.

Ce Check-in
Web & Kiosk Client Reporting
Ce Check-in delivers Community-based Corrections agencies with a simple, affordable solution that provides flexible Client reporting, allowing staff to focus on Clients with more involved supervision requirements. Available as both a Web and Kiosk reporting solution, Ce Check-in provides an ideal reporting tool for low risk clients or as an enhanced, supplemental supervision tool for higher risk clients. Ce Check-in provides flexibility to manage reporting frequencies by a variety of factors while alerting Officers when clients are out of compliance or when events occur that require their attention (i.e., FTRs, change of address, employment, etc.).

Agencies define the exact questions clients are required to answer during each scheduled check-in while Officers have the ability to view client reporting history, check-in session details, GPS location, IP address and map of where the check-in was completed.

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk provide clients email, SMS Text or automated phone reminders, as well as SMS Chat functionality allowing Officers to exchange text messages with clients through Ce Check-in.

Increased Supervision Efficiency

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk allows community-based supervision agencies to:
• Redirect their time and resources to higher-risk clients who require more intensive supervision and have greater needs;
• Supervise large caseloads of low-risk clients more efficiently, saving time that can be redirected to other functions;
• Better maintain client current address, employment status, contacts, and other information;
• Eliminate the need for data entry and filing

Improved Monitoring, Accountability, Convenience & Compliance

Ce Check-in Web and Kiosk:
• Provides a more accurate record of who is reporting and when (i.e., date, time, location) compared with other methods of non-face-to-face reporting;
• Standardizes the reporting data collected from each client while proving Officer’s access to real-time data;
• Provides data with increased accuracy and accessibility, allowing Officers to immediately hold clients accountable if they do not report per their reporting schedule;
• Provides increased reporting flexibility, allowing clients to report at a time that is convenient for them without missing work, school, etc.;
• Increases reporting compliance through SMS Text, phone or email reminders regarding upcoming reporting requirements.

Ce Drug Testing
Drug Test Data Management
Ce Drug Testing is a SaaS-based drug testing management system, allowing Community-based Corrections agencies to manage and generate random testing groups, record individual UA results, easily view client drug testing history and generate drug testing analytics and reports.

Ce Drug Testing Overview:
• A paperless system with an electronic record for each completed and aborted test;
• Configurable testing workflow based on defined agency policies and procedures;
• Access to data via the internet for complete mobility in the field;
• Ability to create randomized testing groups or conduct individual tests;
• Ability to capture images of testing devices to store with the test record;
• Real-time access to agency test data for reporting and analysis;
• Fully integrated with Caseload Explorer, recording results from Ce Drug Testing as Drug Test Event;
• Integration capabilities with third-party Drug Testing laboratories via standard web services API.

Ce Field
Field Contact Management
Ce Field provides mobile access to Caseload Explorer’s key supervision functions, allowing Officers to safely perform field contacts that are synchronized in real-time to Caseload Explorer. Ce Field is accessible from any web-enabled mobile device (iOs, Android and Windows platforms) and is fully functional on most browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and IE v. 9.0 or later.

Ce Field provides easy access to important client information, including mugshot, risk level, caseload, Supervising Officer, Contact History, Safety Alerts, Warrant Status, Active Conditions, Charges, Associates and all contact information stored in Caseload Explorer.

Increased Officer Safety and Efficiency:
• Access the most current client information through an integration with Caseload Explorer, providing the most current client data and allowing Officers to make the safest and most informed decisions;
• Increase officer safety by displaying Caseload Explorer’s Safety Alerts and active Warrant Alerts when viewing a client’s overview;
• Access step-by-step audio driving directions from an Officer’s current location to a client’s address for smarter, time-efficient routes;
• Quickly enter a contact event from your mobile device, featuring built-in speech to text entry for contact details;
• Eliminate duplicate data entry and save valuable time as all contact notes recorded in Ce Field are synchronized as Contact Events in Caseload Explorer;
• Create, manage and track progress with Itineraries for planned field visits.

Ce Planning
Automated Case Planning
Fully integrated with Ce Assessments, Ce Planning is a web-based system that allows Community-based Corrections staff to initiate individualized case plans targeting each client’s specific needs. Ce Planning links assessment results to the process of individualized case planning and appropriate service provision.

Ce Planning provides staff the ability to create goals with clearly defined action steps for each identified criminogenic need and tracks client progress towards each goal. Officers can also manage case plans in Ce Planning or through a Microsoft Word™ integration, track case plan milestones and manage Title IV-E case plans and documentation.

AutoMon’s Ce Assessments customers have access to Ce Planning as a part of their Ce Assessments subscription.

Ce Programs
Programs & Provider Management
Ce Programs provides Probation agencies the most comprehensive Referral and Program Management tool available. Fully integrated with AutoMon’s Probation case management system, Caseload Explorer, Ce Programs automates the referral, enrollment and attendance tracking processes and gives immediate visibility into client progress. Ce Programs provides Probation agencies the tools to manage their internal and external Program Providers, simplifying the identification and referral processes of specific Program Providers and Programs. Once enrollments are complete, Officers can easily view participant progress, track attendance and share notes, case plans and other relevant documents with Program Providers.

For participating Program Providers, Ce Provider provides an automated tool to accept referrals, enroll participants in Programs, and track attendance. All actions taken by Providers in Ce Provider are fully visible by referring Officers and the Probation agency.

Increased Visibility

• Summary database of all internal and external Providers and their Programs, including contact information, available contracted Programs and overall success rating;
• Configurable Dashboard to provide Officers and Probation management an overview of referral statistics, enrollments, success rate, enrollments by type and useful trends;
• Easily view all participants and attendance history;
• View all referrals and status – pending, accepted, approved and those awaiting action;
• Officers are immediately alerted when clients fail to attend scheduled program sessions.


• Quickly search for applicable Programs or Providers based on client needs, by program type, service type, location, intensity, modality, etc.;
• Supports multiple referral processes, allowing agencies to make referrals to a specific program/provider, multiple programs/providers or provide a list of programs/providers for the client to contact.

Measure What Matters

• Analysis Dashboard provides insight into Referrals, Enrollments, Successful and Unsuccessful Trends, Enrollments by Service Type and Success Rate;
• Visibility into where clients are enrolled and overall Success rate by Provider;
• Ability to build and download custom queries in Microsoft Excel in an effort to keep up with ever-changing reporting requirements.


• Significantly reduce the need for data entry, as Program Providers have the ability to directly record program attendance and participation levels;
• Both agencies and Providers can easily share important documents through Ce Programs, including Assessment Reports, Case Plans, Consent Forms, Certificates of Completion, etc.

PANDA & Practice Manager

AutoMon’s legal case and matter management system, Practice Manager, is currently utilized by a wide variety of public agencies and private firms in 42 states and seven foreign counties.
In addition to Practice Manager, AutoMon’s Protection & Advocacy Case Management System – PANDA – has been designed through collaboration with Protection and Advocacy agencies with the intent to provide a comprehensive P&A data management system to easily manage all aspects of agency operations.