Released: 6/27/2018

Global Search 

As part of our continued efforts to improve usability, users now have the ability to search for Clients, Involvement and Criminal History Cases in the search bar at the top of the page.

To use the new search features, click the new down arrow on the right of the search bar:

Type an ID or a name to search for the Client/Involvement/Criminal Case:

Depending on the search type selected, clicking on a result will automatically route users to the applicable case/client demographics page:

  • Client Search will bring users to the client’s demographics page;
  • Involvement Search will bring users to the Involvement Overview page for the selected involvement;
  • Criminal Case Search will bring users to the Criminal History page with the selected case open and visible.

Interface Redesign – Application Header 

The Application Header has been slightly redesigned and reformatted to more clearly display navigation options.

  • Both the main navigation toolbar (dark blue) and the secondary toolbar (light blue) have had their height reduced to minimize wasted space;
  • Left and right margins have been standardized and set on both toolbars;
  • Right hand icons have had their size reduced to place more emphasis on the main left hand navigation icons. Also, the Support icon button has been moved from the main navigation’s user drop-down menu to its own icon-button among these smaller icons.