Released: 7/11/2018

Interface Redesign – Documents & Forms

The Documents & Forms tab has been redesigned to improve user experience. The Documents & Forms tab now supports the ability to:

  • Upload multiple documents;
  • Generate forms from templates designed using the AIMS Word Add-in;
  • Download the AIMS Word Add-in;
  • Download multiple documents in batch;
  • Delete multiple documents in batch;
  • Data Sorting and Paging.

To add a new document (upload), click Document from the Add menu. To generate a new form, click Form from the Add menu.

To download one or more documents, check the documents you want to download and click the download icon.

To delete one or more documents, check the documents you want to delete and click the delete icon.

To download the AIMS Word Add-in, click the Add menu and click the gear icon.

Interface Redesign – Add Documents Dialog

The process of uploading documents from the Documents & Forms tab has been improved. Additionally, the ability to upload documents from the Activities view has been removed.

To add one or more documents to an involvement, go to Documents & Forms and click the ADD menu button. From the ADD menu, click Document.

When the Add Document dialog appears, drag selected files onto the highlighted drop area or click it to select the files you want to upload.

The Add Document dialog will update with a preview of the files about to be uploaded. Click the delete icon to remove a file or drop/click to add additional files. When you have selected all of the files you want to upload, click ADD.

Interface Redesign – Referral List 

Changes to improve usability have been made to the Referrals List. This includes:

  1. The Specialty Court Referrals page has been renamed as “Referred”.
  2. “Id” has been renamed as “Involvement”.
  3. “Applicant Name” has been renamed as “Client”.
  4. Client Id numbers are now displayed under each Client’s name in the Client column.
  5. The Client’s name is now a link that routes users to the Client Info page for the selected Client (with the applicable “Referred” Involvement selected).
  6. The “Documents” column has been added displaying the number of documents associated with the Referred Involvement. Clicking the count will bring the user to the applicable Involvements Documents & Forms page.

An Action Menu has been added to allow users to quickly Approve or DenyReferrals and/or Add Assessments to a referral directly from this screen. Users can still click on an Involvement Id Number to bring them to the usual Referral overview page (previously this was the only way to approve a referral), this ability has not been changed.

Interface Redesign – Awaiting Intake List 

The Specialty Courts “Intakes” list had been renamed to Awaiting Intake and the column headers have changed slightly to now show the Involvement, Client, Court/Judge, Approved Date, Phone #, and date Scheduled. Clicking on the Involvement hyperlink will now direct the user to the client’s Specialty Court Involvement overview page. Clicking on the client hyperlink will direct the user to the client info page.

The new “Action” menu will provide the user with the option to “Schedule” the intake and “Complete” the intake.

Sobriety Date – Based on Last Negative Test

AIMS now calculates Sobriety Date as the date of a client’s last negative/clean drug test. The previous functionality calculated Sobriety Date as the date of a client’s last failed drug test or admission date, whichever was greater. This change brings AIMS into conformity with industry best practices.

The AIMS user interface has been updated to reflect this change in the following ways:

  1. When a client is admitted, the sobriety date field on the involvement overview screen displays “Awaiting Negative Test”.

 2. Once a client has completed a clean (passed) drug test, their Sobriety Datewill be set to the date of that test.

 3. When a client fails a drug test, the Sobriety Date field on the involvement overview screen will continue to display “Awaiting Negative Test” and includes a warning icon and tooltip to quickly view the details of the last failed drug test.

System Administrator User List – Search by Name

The User List accessed by System Administrators is now searchable by the User Name.