Released: 7/30/2018

Interface Redesign – Involvement Notes

Notes has received a significant upgrade with this release. Previously, Notes could only be viewed and added from the Activities list; while users will still be able to view Notes from this list, we recommend taking advantage of the upgraded Notes view.

With the new Notes view, users will be able to:

  • View all case notes;
  • Filter case notes by Author, Associated Item Type, or by a Date Range;
  • Add new notes;
  • Edit your existing notes;
  • Delete your existing notes;
  • Attach item links to new and existing notes;
  • Quickly navigate to an associated item for additional details.

Below is the updated Activities view with a deprecation notice. As we continue to improve usability of the application, this screen will be replaced fully with the upgraded Notes feature.

Clicking on the Note icon will open a Notes panel, which gives users the ability to enter a Note.

To access the full Notes view, click on Notes in the left menu.

The new Notes screen is shown below. From this screen, users can chronologically view or filter through all Notes entered for the client. Click on the Edit icon in a Note that you authored to update its details – this is done in the box at the bottom of the Notes. Users are only able to update notes they have authored.  The right menu gives users the ability to filter case notes by Author, Associated Item Type, or by a Date Range; selected filters are displayed at the top of the notes.

Once a note and attached items have been entered, click Add to save the note.

Users can also associate items, such as a drug test or contact, to a Note.

The ability to delete an existing Note is now available. Note that notes are persevered in a history log, so no data is lost as a result of this action. Users are only able to delete notes they have authored. 

The new Notes feature has been integrated with the Accounting Module. To view Notes associated with an Obligation, click an Obligation’s Notes icon from the Accounting overview page. A side panel will appear, displaying all the case Notes associated with the Obligation. Users can add, edit, and delete Notes from this view.

Shown below is an Obligation with a Note icon. Clicking on the Note icon will give the user the ability to enter a Note.

Interface Redesign – Referral Assessment 

The Assessment entry screen has been improved to allow selection and changing of instrument from within the assessment, rather than requiring users to exit the assessment to change the instrument.  Also accompanying this change are visual and style-related changes to improve the look of the entry screen. This will affect the Referral Assessment screen, as well as the Activities Assessment screen.

Shown below is the new Assessment View – users can access the Instrument Selector, Required Date input, and Instrument questions. A “Show Instructions”toggle will display for assessments that have instruction text. We have also added a note in the upper-left displaying the number of questions remaining to be answered.

To complete an Assessment, click Save.