Released: 8/13/2018

Changes in the v1.30 release include:

Interface Redesign – New Specialty Court “Add Involvement” Process

As part of our continued efforts to improve usability, a new process to add an nvolvement has been created. On the Specialty Court Referred page, the add referral button has been changed to Add Involvement. Clicking Add Involvement will openthe new add involvement wizard.

There are two options – Search for an existing client or add a new client. Basic demographics can be entered or edited from here. The top of the screen will show the step the user is currently on during this process.

After the client is selected/created, then enter the involvement details. Note, the arrest date can be entered here.

After entering the involvement details, the option to upload files is displayed. Clicking Add will save the involvement, as well as the client if creating a new client .

Interface Redesign – New Involvement Approve or Deny Referral Process

When a client has been referred, the top of the client overview screen shows   the current admitting step the client is on including the ability to approve or deny the referral.

To deny a referral, click Deny and a dialog will appear prompting for a reason, date and any notes. Once denied, the participant overview will display the referral in the denied state and a note icon will appear to show the note entered and give the user the ability to either add additional notes or delete the note.

To approve, click Approve and a dialog will prompt for the approval date. Once approved, the client screen will show the approval date and provide two options – scheduling the intake or completing the referral process.

To schedule the intake, click Schedule and a dialog will prompt for the applicable date/time. The overview will be updated to display the scheduled date and time.  Intakes cannot be scheduled before the date entered.

To complete the intake, click Complete and a dialog will prompt for the admission date.  Once completed, the client overview will be updated to display the applicable information. The admission date may be updated at any time, if needed.

Interface Redesign – Admitted Involvements List View 

The Specialty Court module now has a new tab titled “Admitted”. This a list of all clients that have completed the referral and intake processes and are now admitted and active in the program. Important information such as current track, phase, and admitted date are displayed and can be sorted by clicking on a column title.

Clicking on an involvement ID number will route to the overview for that client or involvement. Similarly, clicking on a client’s name will route to the personal info page for the selected client.

Interface Redesign – All Specialty Court Involvements List View

Improvements have been made to the format of the Specialty Court – ALL tab to reflect the format of the other Specialty Court tabs.

Depending on the status of the involvement, there will now be an action menu on the right-hand side of the rows (similar to the action menus on the other lists), that will display different actions for different statuses.

Involvements in the “Referred” status will show the same actions as encountered in the “Referred” tab list-view, while involvements in the “Awaiting Intake” and “Awaiting Intake: Scheduled” status will show the same actions as encountered in the “Awaiting Intake” tab list-view. Involvements for all other statuses currently will not have any available actions.

Additionally, while hovering over the status for Involvements with an “Awaiting Intake: Scheduled”, there will display a tooltip with the date and time of the scheduled intake.