Released: 9/10/2018

Changes in the AIMS v1.32 release include:

Accounting Redesign and Improvements

As part of our efforts to improve usability we have significantly enhanced the Accounting features in AIMS. Please click on the link below to access a detailed guide to AIMS Accounting.

Drug Testing Locations

Drug Testing Locations have been enhanced to allow an agency to have one or more drug testing color groups, per location. Each color group can now also have its own phone number.

This will be now available in the Drug Testing “New Roster” process. The “Assigned to test group –> drop down now is labeled as “Select a test location and group,” and will display accordingly.

The same is true in the complete intake screen. The label now displays “Drug testing location and group” and the drop down will display as Location – Group.

In the System Administration – Drug Testing Settings menu, there is now a Testing Locations option allowing users to be able to view, add, and manage drug testing locations. Users cannot delete a location if it is the Default or if it is being used by any drug testing locations or groups.

Selecting Add or Edit will access a side navigation screen (shown below) allowing users to enter a location name, associated security location and phone number. Agencies can choose to use the AutoMon IVR phone number system for notifications or use another number.

To request more phone numbers from AutoMon, click the Email Us link shown below.