Released: 10/8/2018

Changes in the AIMS v1.34 release include:

  • Ability to Terminate a participant during the Intake Phase;
  • Global Search Improvements;

For more details on the new features and functionality, please see below.

Ability to Terminate a participant during the Intake Phase

Users now have the ability to terminate a participant during the Intake Phase. A Terminate menu option is available on the “Awaiting Intake” list for Specialty Courts.

Additionally, a new menu option has been added to the participant’s Involvement Overview. This can be found via the More Info icon to the right of the Schedule and Complete buttons in the status bar at the top of the Involvement overview.

Global Search Improvements

In an effort to improve the AIMS’ Search capabilities, we have revised the Global Search feature to better display results. The Search is now more efficient:

  • Users can scroll through results based on search criteria;
  • Results will now have search criteria highlighted yellow;
  • A header has been added for each column.

If more than 3 characters are entered,  all results will display in the scroll. If 2 characters or less are entered, search results will be limited to 20 results.

Client Search:

Involvement Search:

Criminal Case Search: