Released: 12/3/2018

Changes in the AIMS v1.37 release include:

Primary Address 

As part of our efforts to enhance functionality, an option to indicate a Client’s address as Primary is now available. When adding or editing an address on a Client, users will have the option to indicate if the address is the Client’s primary residence. A column will display on the Addresses list to identify which is primary. If there are multiple addresses, only one can be marked as primary.

Word Add-in – Primary Phone and Addresses

When creating or editing a Word template, options to select Primary Phone Number, Primary Address, or all Addresses will now be available to select in the Word Add-in under the Client menu.

Treatment Plans and Assessments

As part of our efforts to improve usabliity, we have reorganized the location of Assessments and Treatment Plans. The Treatment tab has been renamed to “Assessments & Goals” and is now the first option in the listing on the Client’s Overview. From this tab, users can manage assessments and treatment plans with no other changes to functionality at this time. The options for Assessment and Treatment Plan have been removed from Activities and should now be accessed from “Assessments & Goals”.