Released: 1/17/19

Associated with the v1.39 release, AutoMon is implementing several important infrastructure enhancements that will improve system performance and security. The implementation of these changes may result if a brief interruption of service where AIMS will not be available.

The AIMS v1.39 release includes resolutions to several reported bugs and the following functionality enhancements:

Criminal History – Ability to Track Probation Officer on the Criminal Case (Specialty Courts & Community Service Involvements)

AIMS now provides the ability to record a client’s Probation Officer and Probation End Date on the criminal case within the client’s criminal history. This functionality will help Specialty Court and Community Service staff better communicate, compare program progress and make recommendations as to whether probation should be extended.

From the client’s Criminal History on the main menu (left), expand the criminal case. Note the addition of Probation Officer and Probation End Date fields.

These fields can be populated during the creation of the criminal case or by editing the case with the edit icon.

Ability to Track Other Income Sources & Summary Monthly Income from All Income Sources

While AIMS currently provides the ability to track multiple employers, v1.39 provides functionality that summarizes Monthly Income from all Employment and Other Income sources.

From the “Client Info” tab, note that the tab formerly labeled “Employment” is now named “Employment/Income.”

Additionally, users can now track income from multiple Other Income Sources (i.e., Spousal Support, SSI, etc.), including Income Source, start and end date (if applicable), Monthly Income (required), and comments.

The More info icons to the right of both Employers and Income Sources allow users to Edit and Delete Employers or Income Sources.

As Monthly Income from Employment or Other Income Sources are added, deleted or edited, the Total Monthly Income is updated to reflect the cumulative total of all Employment and Other Income Sources.

Notifications Redesign

The Notifications functionality in AIMS has been enhanced. The Notifications badge will indicate the number of new notifications, providing the last seven system-generated notifications in the drop-down view. Each notification will provide a hyperlink, allowing users to navigate to the specific related event (i.e., Failed/Missed/Changed Drug Test, Missed Hearing, Missed Contact, etc.).

Clicking on the hyperlink will navigate the user to the specific event related to the Notification:

ClickingVIEW ALL will navigate the user to the Notifications page, showing all uncleared Notifications. From this screen, users can click the hyperlinks to navigate to the Client’s page, the Involvement Overview or directly to the event related to the Notification.

Users can clear all Notifications by selecting the box next to Notification Date/Timeor select individual Notifications to be cleared.

From this screen, users can also manage their own Notification Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner:

Ability to Generate a Social Functioning Screening

AIMS now provides the ability to administer a Social Functioning Screening. The screening identifies and measures key components that can impact the success of the client’s participation in the program, such as where they live, who they live or associate with, education, employment, etc.

Users have the ability to re-administer the screening again at any time to measure the client’s level of progress (typically associated with Phase promotions or prior to program Graduation).

For users with the View Surveys permission, select Surveys, Assessments & Goals(formerly “Assessments & Goals”). A blank version of the Survey can be printed for the client to fill out by clicking on the Printer icon.

Users can add a Survey by entering the completed date (cannot be in the future) and filling out the Survey questions.

Upon completing the Survey, it will show as completed, indicating Survey title and date completed. Users with permissions can edit or delete a Survey; if the user does not have the Edit Survey permission the Add Survey button and the More menu are disabled.

Drug Testing – Edit Finalized Test

New functionality has been introduced allowing users with Edit Drug Test permissions to edit a finalized drug test, correcting data errors or editing Missed or Negative tests.

From either the Finalized tab of the Drug Testing page or Drug Test tab on a Client’s Involvement page (located under Supervision), expand the drug test and click on the Edit icon (upper right). This will allow the user to edit any drug test details without changing the Outcome OR change the Outcome itself. Note when changing a test Outcome, users must change both the Detected check box AND the Outcome to complete the edit.

Edited results will be reflected on the Client’s drug testing overview on the Client Involvement page, as well as in the main Finalized screen on the main Drug Testing page. Additionally, a Positive test changed to Negative test will also erase the associated infraction and change to a positive observation.

When the final Outcome has been changed, AIMS will generate a System Notification, identifying the changes:

Note that editing a drug test will also re-calculate the Sobriety Date on the Involvement overview page when necessary.

Drug Testing – Ability to Mark a Panel as Having been Detected Due to an Approved Prescription Level

Users now have the ability to change the result of a drug test on the basis of approved prescription drugs. When entering a New Drug Test, Completing a Pending Lab Drug Test, or Editing a Finalized Drug Test, users can now check the new Approved Prescription Level checkbox to override a Positive Outcome to now show as Negative.

Shown below is a drug test with Initial Outcome results and a Positive Lab Outcome for Opioids.

Clicking on the Approved Prescription Level box will change the outcome to Negative.

Note that the Lab Outcome must be also be manually changed from Positive to Negative as there may be other panels that are detected without an approved prescription or detection of an adulterated sample.

After saving, the final test results will be viewable in the Finalized tab under the Drug Testing menu.

Implement the ORAS-CST Assessment

The ORAS-CST Assessment instrument (questions, responses, and scoring) has been added. Note that separate scoring and Needs lists have been added for males and females. To administer the ORAS-CST, users navigate to Surveys, Assessments & Goals on the left of the client profile screen, then select the Assessments tab:

To administer the ORAS-CST, select Add Assessment and select the ORAS-CST from the drop-down menu.

The instrument will then present for completion.

Upon completion of the assessment, the outcome is recorded. By clicking on the date hyperlink, users can navigate to the assessment with the recorded answers. Note that the ORAS-CST does not generate a summary report.

Ability to Indicate Client TANF Eligibility

AIMS v1.39 includes a new Menu Option to track Client TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) eligibility.

By clicking on the TANF menu option and the Edit icon, users can indicate TANF eligibility and Certification Date.

When TANF eligibility is indicated, users will see a message prompting them to add dependent child/children information on the Associates tab.

When adding children as Associates for the purpose of TANF, users can now record the child’s birthdate.