Released: 3/18/2019

The AIMS v1.43 release includes several reported bug fixes and the following functionality enhancements:

Drug Testing – Change a Client’s Drug Testing Group

AIMS has added the ability for users with the Edit Drug Testing permission to change a Client’s assigned Drug Testing Group to a new Group. For Clients assigned to a specific Drug Testing Group, or if a Client was not assigned to a Drug testing Group (“None”), users navigate to the Involvement Drug Testing View (Involvement –> Supervision) – the current assigned Drug Testing Group is shown under Testing Location/Group:

Selecting the Edit icon (pencil) will present users with all other Drug Testing Groups associated with the specific Court:

Select the new Drug Testing Group and click Save. The change will be reflected under Testing Location/Group. Also, all previously scheduled drug tests associated with the Client’s previous Group will be cancelled and new drug tests will be scheduled for the Client based on the Testing rules associated with the new Group.

Printing Assessment Reports, including LSI-R

Previous functionality allowed users the ability download and print an assessment report for instruments such as the LSI-R from the Activities view, as shown below:

New functionality in AIMS v1.43 moves the download and print functionality to the Surveys/Assessments & Goals view:

Clicking the Print icon (printer) will download the assessment report which can then be printed. Note, that the print functionality is only available for assessment instruments with summary reports available; note above there is no Print icon adjacent to the PSA results, as the PSA does not generate a report upon completion.