Released: 8/19/2019

The AIMS v1.54 release includes several bug fixes and the following enhancements and new functionality:

  • New Homepage;
  • “Sticky” Filters;
  • Activities Report Modifications;
  • Identifying Inactive Involvements in Global Search;
  • Restored Judges, Court & Room to Criminal Cases
  • Updated Suspend Functionality for Contacts.

Detailed descriptions of the new features/enhancements are provided below.

New Homepage Design

The AIMS Homepage has been redesigned to provide more useful information that helps users more easily access the information they need, including:

  • Scheduled Calendar events;
  • Starred involvements;
  • Administration access;
  • Reporting;
  • Supervision;
  • Easily access the Specialty Court or Community Service (Boulder County, CO only) Involvements Main page;
  • Create a Specialty Court or Community Service Involvement (Boulder County, CO only).

Note that if a user does not have access to a specific link, it will instead be displayed as disabled text and will display the Additional Permissions Required tool tip when moused over. If the user does not have access to any of the functionality on a particular widget, the entire widget is disabled and will display the Additional Permissions Required tool tip when moused over.

Calendar: On the new Homepage, the Calendar widget will display the next 7 days of scheduled events, filtered based on the selected security location and the user’s current calendar filter preferences. Selecting Calendar or the View More link at the bottom will navigate the user to the main Calendar.

Clicking on any Calendar event will navigate the user to the appropriate page within AIMS to view/complete the selected task.

Supervision: A list of links for all menu items under the Supervision menu; clicking on the link will navigate the user to today’s date in the specific page within AIMS:

  • Hearings;
  • Contacts;
  • Drug Testing;
  • Curfew Check;
  • Treatment/Education Attendance.

Specialty Court Involvements: The title links to the Involvements –> Specialty Court page. For Community Service Involvements (Boulder County, CO only), the title links to the Involvements –> Community Service page.

The Add Involvement button will open the Specialty Court Add Involvement wizard. 

For Community Service Involvements (Boulder County, CO only), The Add Involvement button will open the Specialty Court Add Involvement wizard

Starred Involvements: Lists all Starred Involvements for the selected location and links to the Involvement Overview or client info page. To quickly access the client’s info page, click on the client’s name:

To access the Involvement Overview, click on the Involvement number:

Reporting: Provides easy access to Reports and Dashboards.

Administration: Provides easy access to System Administration and Location Configuration.

Persistent Filters

The column filters on the Involvements –> Specialty Court list have been made persistent, or “sticky”, so that when filters are set by a user and they then drill into an Involvement or otherwise navigate away, the filters remain as set when they return to the main Specialty Court list.

Activities Report Modifications

The Activities Report has been enhanced to include any Notes associated with activities in a new column, as well as removing the limitation on the number of activities that can be printed. The report will also display any selected filters applied.

Note: if no filters are selected, ALL activities since the beginning of the client’s Involvement will appear on the report.

Identifying Inactive Involvements in Global Search

The Search functionality in AIMS has been enhanced to identify inactive Involvements.

When performing a global Involvement search, the results will show the status of the Involvement below the Involvement ID# if that status is either ‘Terminated’, ‘Graduated’, ‘Denied’, ‘Closed’. Active Involvements have no status listed under the Involvement ID#.

Restored Court, Judge and Room to Criminal Cases

The Court, Judge and Room fields under Case Details, which had previously been removed, have been restored.

Note that previously entered data prior to the v1.51 release will be restored for all customers with the v1.54 release. Additionally, the Judge field has been restored in the Criminal History WordTags.

Judges can be selected from the lookup (managed through System Administration), or entered as free text.

Similarly, the Court field can either be populated from the available lookups (managed through System Administration) or as free text.

Note that if either the Judge or Court fields are entered as free text, they are not automatically added to the lookup list; System Administrators must add new Judges or Courts to the lookup list for future use.

Updated Suspend Functionality for Contacts

AIMS has been enhanced to provide added visibility in Contacts when an Involvement is suspended. (Note that v1.55 (September 3 release) is scheduled to include similar Suspend/Reinstate/Terminate functionality for Treatment Attendance, Curfew, Specialty Court Community Service, Drug Testing, Obligation Payment Plans and Accounting).

When an involvement is suspended, any scheduled Contacts on or after the suspended date on the involvement view, activities screen, bulk entry and calendar are discontinued. A new row has been placed on the Contacts page indicating the Suspension Date.

The screenshots below show the client’s Contacts page prior to the suspension (1), showing completed and all future scheduled Contacts; after the client’s status has been changed to Suspended (2)all future contacts have been removed and the new row has been added showing the suspension date (3).

Once the Involvement has been suspended, the “Schedule” button is disabled, preventing the user from scheduling new Contacts while the client is suspended.

When Reinstating a Client, any previously scheduled Contacts – starting the following day or after – will be restored in the Contacts view, as well as on Activities, the Bulk Entry screen and the Calendar. Note also that the date of the Suspension and Reinstatement is listed on the “Suspended” row.