Released: 9/16/2019

The AIMS v1.56 release includes several bug fixes and the following enhancements and new functionality:

  • Calendar – Contacts “Drag & Drop” functionality;
  • Added Suspended and Terminated Date Validation;
  • Menu Listings for Supervision changed to Bulk Entry;
  • Drug Testing Reminders for Individual Tests and other changes;
  • CFR 42 Part 2 Disclosure Management;
  • AIMS-Community Service Awaiting Intake and Admitted filters.

AIMS Calendar – Contacts Drag & Drop

“Drag and Drop” functionality has been added to Contacts on the AIMS Calendar. Users can drag scheduled contacts to a date on or after the current date. Users must have the Edit Contacts permission for the location the Involvement’s contact is scheduled for to drag/drop Contact events.

If the dragged event’s date is before the current date (“today”), it can be dragged onto the current date or a future date.

When a user drops a one-time scheduled contact, the Calendar updates with the new date and time; when a user drops the next upcoming event in a recurring schedule, the system displays the following dialog:

When “This contact” is selected, only the single contact event is rescheduled; when “This and following contacts” is selected, the contact schedule is updated to reflect the new rule for the future scheduled contacts.

After closing the dialog, the Calendar updates with the latest changes.

When a user drops a scheduled event that is not the next upcoming event in a recurring schedule, the system displays the dialog below:

By selecting “Continue”, only the single contact event is rescheduled; the dialog will close and the Calendar is updated. If the user selects “Cancel”, no changes are made and the dialog closes.

Users cannot drop a contact on a date where there is already a contact in the same series (i.e., a previously scheduled Home, Office or Telephone Contact), regardless of time. The Ban icon below will show and the contact event will return to the scheduled date when ”dropped”.

Users cannot drop a contact on a date/time in the past; the Ban icon will display and the Contact event will return to the scheduled date/time when ”dropped”.

Dates/Times where the user is able to drop the contact will be highlighted in light blue as the event is dragged over each specific eligible date.

Dates where the user is not able to drop the contact will show as disabled and the mouse will display the Ban symbol.

User can change a contact’s time from any of the time-based calendar views (Day, Week).

When dragging and dropping monthly contacts, the same Day of the Month or Number of Occurrence per Month rule as was originally established will persist (i.e., a scheduled Contact for May 5th set to use the 5th day of every month being moved to the May 8 will assume the 8th of every month going forward, however, using the first Monday of every month rule and moving the contact on the 5th to the 8th will then assume the second Wednesday of the month).

Additional Suspend and Terminate Date Validation

New functionality has been added that prevents users from Suspending and Terminating Involvements prior to certain milestones (i.e., Admission Date, Referral Acceptance Date).

For an Admitted Involvement, users cannot Suspend the Involvement on a date prior to the Admitted Date. Additionally, users cannot Terminate an Involvement on a date prior to the Admitted Date. In both instances, all dates prior to the Admitted Date are disabled.

A client Involvement that is Awaiting Intake cannot be Terminated on a date prior to the Referral Approved date All dates prior to the Referral Approved date will appear as disabled.

“Supervision” Re-Named to “Bulk Entry” on Main Menu and Home Page

The Supervision area of the Main Menu and Home Page have been re-named to Bulk Entry, to better represent the functionality contained in the menus.  

Drug Testing Reminders and Other Changes

Drug Testing reminders will now be sent to every individual who has a scheduled drug test, whether scheduled by the group testing randomization or for individually scheduled drug tests. In both cases, reminders are sent the same day as the scheduled test.

Activities are created for both test types (Individual and Group) when a drug test is created.

CFR 42 Part 2 Disclosures 

View Disclosures List

To ensure compliance with CFR 42 Part 2, AIMS now provides the ability to record, view, manage and print a listing of all Disclosures made for a particular client.

In the Client Information section, a new tab has been added for Disclosures that contains a list with the following fields:

  • Request Date;
  • Requestor;
  • Disclosure Date (displays as a date range to accommodate an end date);
  • Purpose of Disclosure;
  • Disclosed By;
  • Information Disclosed;
  • Comments.

The list may be sorted by any column and filtered by any column, except the Comments column.

If a user does not have the View Disclosure permission for the selected client, the Disclosures tab is disabled with an Additional Permissions Required alert.

Manage Disclosures List

Users now have the ability to log, edit and void Disclosures made for a particular client.

Log Disclosures button has been added that opens a dialog with the following fields:

  • Request Date (cannot be in the future; defaults to today’s date);
  • Requestor;
  • Purpose of Disclosure (lookup);
  • Disclosed By;
  • Disclosure Start Date (cannot be in the future);
  • Disclosure End Date (Not required – may be in the future. must be after the start date);
  • Information Disclosed is a lookup list (default values listed below are presented in alphabetical order), with the ability to add additional free text entry: Referral, Intake, Graduation/Termination Information, Prescription List, Diagnoses, Drug Test Results, Treatment Plan, Survey Results, Assessment Results, Pregnancy Information, Drug Use History, Sanctions/Reward, Charge History;
  • Comments

Upon clicking Log, the dialog closes and the Disclosure is added to the list.

Users can edit any Disclosure by selecting it and clicking the Edit icon.

The Edit Disclosure dialog is opened with the information entered from the initial Disclosure; users can now edit any information in the dialog. When completed, click Save.

Users can void a disclosure by selecting the item and clicking the Void icon. 

A dialog then opens requiring a Void Reason (free text). Upon clicking Void, the dialog closes and the Disclosure is disabled, identified by Void on the specific row.

If the user does not have the Edit Disclosure permission for the selected client, the Log button, Edit icon and Void icon are disabled with an alert stating that Additional Permissions are required.

Print Disclosures List

Users now have the ability to print a listing of all Disclosures made for a particular client.

A print icon is located on the top right of the Disclosures list.

When selected, the Disclosures report is printed, reflecting any selected filters and sorting.

AIMS-Community Service Listings – Ability to Filter Main Screen (Boulder County, CO only) 

For AIMS-Community Service Involvements (Boulder County, CO only), the ability to filter the Awaiting Intake and Admitted listing pages has been added. The Ability to Print the Awaiting Intake and Admitted listing pages will be available in a subsequent release.

Users can now filter the Awaiting Intake listing by:

  • Involvement;
  • Client;
  • Caseload;
  • Opened Date (Date Range);
  • Scheduled (Date Range).

The Admitted listing can be filtered by:

  • Involvement;
  • Client;
  • Caseload;
  • Opened Date (Date Range).