Released: 11/25/2019

The AIMS v.1.61 release includes several bug fixes and the following enhancements and new functionality:

  • STOP/START SMS Messages Notifications;
  • New Time Picker Control;
  • Ability to support Drug Testing Outcome of “Unable to Produce Specimen”;
  • “View Client’s Prescription List” link on log drug testing dialog


Users are now alerted when SMS messaging from AIMS is blocked for a specific phone number by a Client. As clients have the ability to unsubscribe from receiving SMS text messages and notifications by responding to STOP, the new functionality provides visibility to users.

Current functionality allows users to indicate if a Client can receive SMS text messages/notifications by marking “Allow SMS” checkbox.

Should a Client unsubscribe to the text message by responding STOP, the client will receive a text confirming that they have been unsubscribed and tells them how to re-subscribe. On the messaging panel in AIMS, the user will see the STOP message that was sent by the Client and a message from the system telling them what the Client must do to re-subscribe. Note that this message is slightly different than the one the Client sees on their end as it is directed to the AIMS user who can follow up with the Client.

Additionally, on the Client Info page, the Client’s phone number now indicates they can no longer receive SMS text messages as Allow SMS has been changed to Unsubscribed. Help text provides details of the Unsubscribe action as well as instruction text on how the Client can re-subscribe.

Users will also receive an Alert stating the following:

Users will need to contact the Client to re-enable text messaging capabilities, informing them to respond to the last text message with the word START. Upon doing so, the text message will appear in the SMS Text Message dialog stating that the Client has re-subscribed:

The Client’s phone number in Client Info will then change from Unsubscribed to Allow SMS: Yes.

New Time Picker Control Enhancement

New “time picker” functionality has been implemented to improve usability for:

  • Specialty Court Intakes;
  • Add/Edit Curfew Requirements;
  • Log Curfew Check;
  • Schedule Recurring Contact;
  • Schedule One-Time Contact;
  • Complete/Log Contact.

The new functionality allows users to select a Start time that will then auto-populate the End Time to a 30 minute interval (default); users have the ability to manually edit Start or End time:

End Times are “tethered” to the start time, meaning any change to the Start Time will also alter the End Time to be 30 minutes later. In the example below, 8:00 AM has been changed to 8:15 AM, thereby changing the end time to 8:45 AM.

Ability to support Drug Testing Outcome of “Unable to Produce Specimen”

A new outcome of “Unable to Provide Specimen” has been added when recording drug test results. This allows users to more accurately distinguish Clients who were unable to provide a sample within the allotted time vs. those who refuse to provide a sample.

From Bulk Entry –> Drug Testing, select a Client.

Under Outcome, a new Outcome labeled“Unable to Provide Specimen” has been added.

When Unable to Provide Specimen is selected, “Testing Device,” “Sent to lab for verification” and “Specimen ID” are all disabled.

Note that “Unable to provide Specimen” is treated as an Infraction, however it will not affect Sobriety.

Under the Finalized tab, the results will be recorded as Unable to Provide Specimen, however, users have the ability to edit the final result (Pencil icon) should the Client be able to provide a sample and record the results.

“View Client’s Prescription List” link on log drug testing dialog

New functionality allows users to view the prescription list of drugs from the Log Drug Test tab to better identify if there are possible conflicts with the drug test results.

From the Clinical Info tab under Client Info, the prescription box must be checked:

From the Client’s record, Supervision –> Drug Testing –> Log New Drug Test, a View Client’s Prescription List hyperlink is now provided.

Clicking the link will open a new tab with the Client’s Clinical Info tab that displays the Client’s prescription drug(s).