Released: 3/2/2020

The AIMS v.1.64 release includes several bug fixes and the following enhancements and new functionality:

  • Role Permissions Improvements in System Administration;
  • Community Service Overview Improvements;
  • New Worksite Assignment User Experience Enhancements;
  • New Hours Ordered/Completed User Experience Enhancements;
  • Community Service Hours Ordered Integration with Notes;
  • Activities Integration with Community Service.

Improvements to Role Permissions in System Administration

Role Listing

Roles in System Administration now display as a sortable and filterable list, sorted by Role Type by default. The number of users with that role is now displayed on the list and is sortable. 

Viewing Roles

Permissions are now grouped by areas of the application to make them easier to find and to make it clearer if additional permissions are required. Every Edit permission is indented under its related View permission, since View is required to Edit. Additionally, if a specific permission requires another/other permissions that are in a different area, it will have an Info icon next to it with a balloon listing all permissions that will be automatically selected as they are also required (shown in the example below).

Adding and Editing Roles

When Adding or Editing Roles, users are now able to select all permissions available on each tab or in each permission group by checking the Select All checkbox at the top of the tab view or at the top of the Permission Group. Once all of those permissions have been selected, users can deselect any permissions they wish to omit from that role. 

Copying Roles

Users have the ability to more easily copy and edit roles. To Copy a role, click on the More icon (triple-dots) on the right-hand side of that role’s row and select Copy Role.

Once a role is copied, all the permissions associated with that role will carry over into the copied role. Users can then make any necessary changes. Once saved, the new role is created and the system returns to the role list page.

Community Service Overview Improvements

The Community Service Overview layout has been changed to improve the overall user experience.

Enhanced New Worksite Assignment

Significant improvements have been made to the Community Service Worksite Assignment workflow.

To view Worksite Assignments, click the Community Service tab from the left pane. All assigned Worksites will display on a list in the Worksite card.

To assign a Worksite, click the Assign Worksites link on the Worksite card.

Here, you can search for Worksites either by location or by Community Service organization name. AIMS uses Google Maps technology to help find worksites.

To search by location, in the Search field, enter the client’s address (or just the city or zip code) to find Worksites near the client’s home. Select a matching location from the list of suggestions.

By default, AIMS will search for organizations within 25 miles of the address entered. Users can also click the Within XX Miles down arrow to select a different distance parameter.

To search by Community Service organization name, enter the partial or full name of the organization in the Search field, then click the down arrow to the right of the search field and select By Organization.

Under the Search field, apply one or more filters to find appropriate Worksites for a client. Filter options include:

  • Day of Week: Select one or more days of the week to find Worksites that are open on at least one of the days selected.
  • Registration Types: Select an option to find Worksites that allow certain registration types.
  • Volunteer Types: Select an option to find Worksites that allow certain volunteer types.
  • Restrictions: Select a restriction to exclude worksites from the search results if the Worksites do not accept volunteers with the selected restriction.

Once all the desired filters have been entered, click Search at the bottom right.

AIMS displays the matching Worksites based on the search criteria. Click View Details under a Worksite name to see more information like hours of operation and restrictions. 

To select a Worksite to be assigned, click the Add button next to the worksite. The worksite then appears under the Selected Worksites list. 

Multiple Worksites can be assigned. Use the Search bar to continue searching for and adding Worksites to the Selected Worksites list. 

If you pan or zoom in on the map, a Search this area button appears. Click the button to re-run your search within the map’s current boundaries.

When all the desired Worksites have been selected, click the Assign button at the bottom right.

The Worksites are added to the client’s Worksite Assignments card.

To view an assigned Worksite’s details (i.e., hours of operation, contact information, etc.), click the More icon next to a Worksite name and select Worksite Details.

To generate a printable .PDF list of the assigned worksites, click the Print icon.

To remove (“un-assign”) a Worksite from the Involvement, click the More icon next to a Worksite name and select Remove Worksite. Click Remove to confirm.

Enhanced New Hours Ordered/Completed User Experience

The Ordered Hours and Completed Hours card has been enhanced to improve how Community Service hours are viewed and managed.

To log Ordered Hours, click the Add icon (“+”) next to Ordered Hours. Once the required information has been entered, click Add.

The Hours Log and progress charts display the ordered hours. To edit the ordered hours entry, click the Edit icon (pencil) next to the entry.

Note: Users can edit, but not delete, the first Ordered Hours entry. However, users can edit or delete subsequent Ordered Hours entries. Click the More icon next to an entry and click Edit Hours or Delete Hours

To enter completed or incentive hours, click the plus sign next to Completed Hours on the Hours Log card. Once the required information has been entered, click Add.

Hours Ordered/Completed Integration with Notes

Users are now able to add notes to a “Community Service” associated item type. To add a note associated to a specific Community Service event, select the Notes icon next tot he desired logged event, populate the notes field and click Add.

Once a note has been added to an entry, the Note icon on that line will change to show a note is associated. To access that note, click on the Note icon.

Community Service notes are also displayed in Notes when a user clicks on the Notes panel. Community Service has been added as an Associated Item Type for filtering.

Activities Integration

Community Service hour log entries are now included in the Activities view along with any associated notes.