Released: 10/8/2018

Changes in the Ce Pretrial v1.49 release include:

  • New Sign-In experience;
  • Unavailable Calendar for Officers;

For more details on the new features and functionality, please see below.

New Sign-In Experience 

When accessing Ce Pretrial by going to, if a user has not already logged in, they will be presented with a new login experience. The new login experience starts by asking the user to enter their email address and click “Next”.

Most users will be immediately redirected to the Ce Connect sign in screen; login as usual and access will be granted to Ce Pretrial.

If the agency allows for or requires an alternative login provider, e.g., Office 365 or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), users will not be immediately redirected to Ce-Connect, but will instead be presented with the option to choose a login provider. This option will list the login providers the agency has approved. Click on the appropriate login provider to navigate to that provider’s sign-in portal or click back to enter an alternative email address.

Each login provider’s sign-in experience is different. Below is an example of an Officer 365/Azure AD sign-in screen. Follow the instructions of your login provider to sign in.

Upon signing in successfully, users will be redirected to Ce Pretrial.

Unavailable Calendar for Officers

Ce Pretrial will now provide officers the ability to block time on the calendar for days/times they are unavailable. A new calendar called “Unavailable” will display under the Filters menu on the Calendar page; when this filter is selected, users can view unavailable dates and times, based of the officer’s selected in the Caseload Filter.

To create an unavailable Calendar event, click a date on the calendar; the New Event screen will display allowing the user to select the “Unavailable” option.

The “Schedule Unavailable Event” dialog allows the user to select the date and times they will be unavailable. Once created, the new Unavailable Event will show on the calendar.

To change the date and/or times of the event, users can either drag the event to the new date and time or resize the event from within the Calendar to change the time. Users can also click on the event to access the “Edit Unavailable Event” dialog to change or delete.