Released: 7/22/2019

The Ce Pretrial v1.65 release includes several bug fixes and the following new functionality:

Ability to Capture Bail Amount Posted by a Defendant

Ce Pretrial now allows users to capture the Bail Amount Posted details. This information can be entered anywhere the case information is entered (i.e., when creating a new case or editing an existing case).

To add Bail Amount Posted to an existing case, click the More Info icon and selecting Edit Details:

The Edit Case dialog will allow users to enter the Bail Amount Posted; clicking Save Changes records the Bail Amount Posted on the Client’s Cases panel:

Bond Amount has also been added as a filter under the Cases datasource in Analysis, providing users the ability to run queries filtered on the Bond Amount. Users can either select Bond Amount as a filter or simply select the Cases datasource, run the query and then select Column Options to add Bond Amount.

Lastly, Bond Amount has been added as a Word Tag in the Microsoft Word Add-In, allowing users to include Bond Amount when creating Document Templates. Bond Amount is located in the Tags menu under Cases –> Release Decision.

Ability to Create an Analysis Query for Tasks

A new Tasks datasource has been added to Analytics, allowing users to create queries for recurring Tasks, such as Employment Verification or Criminal History Checks.

The available Column Options are: Task Type, Status, Due Date, Completed By, Completed At, Defendant, Case Numbers, Caseload.

The available Filters are: Task Type, Status, Due Date, Completed By, Completed at, and Caseload.

Ability to Automate an Intake Contact when a Release Date has been Entered

Ce Pretrial now provides the ability to automatically create an Intake Contact that is scheduled for the following day whenever the Release Date has been added to a Case. This new functionality provides visibility to agencies who work with defendants who have been ordered to report to Pretrial Services within 24 hours of release, providing them the ability to easily identify defendants who fail to report within the mandated time and record the Failure to Report.

Note that scheduled Intake Contacts are scheduled for the next business day,defined as Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays.

This feature is configurable by tenant; to enable the functionality, please contact AutoMon Support.

When the feature is enabled, an Intake Contact will be recorded immediately as a Task upon recording and saving a Release Date in a New Pretrial case or when editing and existing Pretrial Case.

Additionally, the Intake Contact will appear on the users Calendar when the Contacts filter is selected.

Clicking on the Calendar event will allow the user to complete the Contact or mark it as an FTR.