Released: 10/28/2019

v1.72 includes the following enhancements and new functionality:

Configure Reminder Time by Tenant

Ce Pretrial now allows each customer to set the desired time(s) for the delivery of Reminders for Contacts, Drug Tests, and Hearings (each of the three can be configured separately to be delivered at the desired time as determined by each agency).

This functionality is currently only managed by AutoMon; please contact AutoMon Support to change reminder times.

Ability to store a Client’s Email Address

Ce Pretrial now provides the ability to capturea client’s email address within the application.

A new panel has been added to the Basic Information page for Email Addresses, providing the ability to store multiple email addresses.

Users can indicate the following information when entering a new email address: 

  1. Email Address
  2. Type (Work or Personal)
  3. Active Status

A Word Tag for email addresses has been added to the ‘Defendant’ word tag category and the email address field has been added to the Defendants Data Source in the Analysis feature.

Note: This functionality will allow for the delivery of reminders and notifications via email in a near-future release.

Ability to Edit Notes & Updated Functionality to Delete Case Notes

Prior to the v1.72 release, users did not have the ability to edit Case Notes. Additionally, users also had the ability to delete notes entered by other users. With the new functionality, users now have the ability to edit case notes they have entered and the Delete functionality has been updated to allow users to only delete notes they themselves have entered.

The Delete icon has been replaced with the More icon:

The More icon presents users the option to either Edit or Delete the Case Note. When attempting to edit or delete Case Notes entered by other users, the Edit Note and Delete Note functions are disabled, alerting the user with a message stating, “Only the author may edit case notes.” 

To edit a Case Note, select Edit Note from the More icon to open the Edit Note dialog:

Users are able to make the desired changes to the Case Note; after clicking Save, the updated note will display in Case Notes.

To delete a Case Note, select the More icon to the right of the Case Note Date and select Delete Note:

A dialog will appear, requiring the user to confirm. Clicking Cancel will leave the Case Note unchanged; clicking Confirm will delete the Case Note.