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AutoMon Involvement Management System (AIMS) blends today’s latest technologies with Veterans Treatment Courts’ best practices and standards to provide the most comprehensive case and data management system available. With a focus on improving collaboration between Veterans Treatment Court team members – Judges, attorneys, case managers, mentors, treatment providers – AIMS automates all aspects of VTC operations from referral, screening, intake, case file management, graduated responses, treatment, drug and alcohol testing, phase progression, document assembly and management, report generation and data analysis.

Data & Analysis
AIMS provides access to powerful reporting and analysis functionality, allowing each user to create their own Analysis Dashboards that can be shared with other team members. Dashboard metrics are updated in real time and are easily exported into Microsoft Excel.
Data & Analysis
The AIMS Specialty Court dashboard allows Team Members access to valuable program performance measures which gives unparalleled insight into Court success.
Team members have easy access to participant information, including demographics, employment information, Military and criminal history, Phase status, hearing and compliance data and Details, pending scheduled hearings, drug/alcohol tests and check-ins.
Monitoring & Compliance
AIMS’ Activity management functionality provides team members and service providers tools to complete all management, monitoring and compliance tasks from one easily accessible location, including completing assessments, Phase management, Sanctions and Rewards, Treatment Provider referrals and attendance, document management or recording case notes.
Collaboration & Visibility
From the time of the initial referral, each and every activity related to the participant is tracked in AIMS, from assessments and Program referrals to drug tests, status hearings and Sanctions and Rewards. Team members to easily review activities or collaborate by commenting on previously entered activities.
Simplified Docket Management
AIMS provides team members the tools needed to easily manage docket scheduling for all Specialty Courts and specific Phases, if necessary. Further, Teams can easily review all participants – their Achievements, Infractions, completed Milestones and case notes – to more easily collaborate and manage Sanctions, Rewards and Phase progression.
Simplified Docket Management
AIMS also eliminates time-consuming manual tasks – one click provides detailed Status Reports for every participant on a specific docket, outlining new Achievements and Infractions since their last Status Hearing.
Easily Manage Multiple Treatment Courts
For jurisdictions managing multiple Treatment Courts, AIMS provides the flexibility and permissions to manage multiple Courts within the same jurisdiction.
Participant Communication
AIMS is configured to provide SMS Text or Phone reminders for all scheduled status hearings, appointments and random drug/alcohol testing. In addition to SMS Text reminders, AIMS also provides functionality allowing team members to communicate with Participants through text messaging.
Technology & Security
Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Government CJIS, HIPAA and FedRAMP Cloud Hosting Platform, AIMS can easily be integrated with third-party drug testing lab software or court systems through our published APIs.
Simplicity through System Administration
AIMS provides comprehensive System Administrator capabilities to allow designated users to manage User roles and permissions, each individual courts’ specific rules, including Sanction and Reward Schedules, look-up values, Drug/Alcohol testing color groups and randomization schedules and Docket settings for individual courts and Phases.
Simplicity through System Admin
Through System Administration, Admins establish rules for each Court and Phase, complete with Docket schedules, reporting schedules and Drug Testing randomization. As a Participant is entered into each Phase, AIMS automatically associates them with the pre-defined schedules created through System Admin.