• For customers integrated with Ce Assessments and Ce Planning, the Ce Planning icon has now been restored and functions properly from the Client Overview in Ce Assessments.


  • TFS 43857: Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan- Added ability to view narrative language populated from JAIS assessments by selecting a “View Narrative” icon next to each Title IV-E Need listed. This allows the Officer to view this sensitive information privately while working on the case plan. (See more details here)


  • Ability to “Save Preferences” on Caseload Search and synchronize Supervisors to pre-select caseloads assigned to Officers they supervise

  • Title IV-E Pre-Placement – Ability to hide or display JAIS Narrative in Case Plan Report, based on tenant policy

  • Pop-up menu to view JAIS Narrative from Case Plan screen


  • Updated the Data Extract to include Title IV-E Pre-Placement, Placement and Eligibility Flag schema changes.

  • Added improved validation and placeholder text for Date fields throughout the application


  • Title IV-E Placement Case Plan will now be solely managed in Ce Planning’s case plan screen, replacing the need for the word add-in to modify/manage areas of this case plan.


  • Title IV-E Pre-Placement – Updated Case Plan Review Date logic;

  • Title IV-E Pre-Placement – Modified Case Plan Report/Milestone Report to display “Not available at this time” when no Planned Placement Options are given.

v. 1.12

Release Date 3/22/17

  •  Ability to sync Associates from Caseload Explorer to Circle of Care*

  •  Ability to create a Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan that is not linked to the Title IV-E Eligibility Flag*

  •  Ability to filter the reporting dashboard metrics by Case Plan Type

  •  Ability to display the Circle of Care Member’s Relationship and Organization throughout the application, as well as on the plan history report and case plan report

*Requires integration with Caseload Explorer.

v. 1.11

Release Date: 2/22/17

  • Increased character limit sizes (where applicable) to be unlimited;

  • Enhancement to NYC Adult/Juvenile IAP;

  • Added ability to delete Needs, Goals or Action Steps added in error.

v. 1.10

Release Date: 1/25/17

  • Added ability to sync case plan data to Caseload Explorer and display on the Client Overview.*

  • Added ability to send case plan due dates to Caseload Explorer and allow officers to subscribe to the “Case Plan Due” alert.​*​

  • Fixed issue with Word Add-in.

​*Requires Caseload Explorer v6.1 or later.

v. 1.9

Release Date: 11/30/16

  • Added ability to simplify single sign-on using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS);

  • Added ability to keep the user anchored on the screen when adding new needs, goals and action steps, rather than navigating the user to the top of the list.

v. 1.8

Release Date: 10/26/16

  • Reporting Dashboard: Ability to view metric and export data for the Title IV-E Eligibility Flag.

  • Adult Case Plan: Ability to electronically sign the Adult Case Plan.

  • Action Steps: Ability for system to automatically sort Action Steps by Target Date in Ascending Order.

  • Circle of Care: Ability to select additional relationship types for Cousin, Son and Daughter.

  • Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan – Enhanced the Plan History Report to include changes made to Title IV-E Eligibility Flag, Imminent Risk, Family Members, Planned Placement Options, Youth Strengths, Probation Officer Notes and Circle of Care Members.

  • Action Steps: Ability to enter a target date that occurred in the past.

  • Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan – Ability to reactivate closed Planned Placement Options, Circle of Care Members and Family Members so they can be added back to the case plan.

  • Caseload Explorer & Title IV-E: Ability to synchronize the Title IV-E Eligibility Flag and date/time history from Caseload Explorer to Ce Planning*.

*Applies to California Caseload Explorer v5.2 or later customers only.

v. 1.7

Release Date: 9/28/16

  • Added ability to complete the Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan in the UI.

  • Standalone: Added ability to track Title IV-E Eligibility for reporting and compliance purposes. 

v. 1.6

Release Date: 7/27/16

  • Added ability to toggle between Ce Connect products and Caseload Explorer via the “Task Switcher.”

  • Fixed issue with Action Steps where a target date could be manually set to occur in the past.

  • Juvenile Case Plan: Added Supervisor Signature Line to Case Plan Report.

  • Added Ability for system to merge client records when initiated by a System Administrator in Ce Assessments.*

  • Added Ability for system to delete client records when initiated by a System Administrator in Ce Assessments.*

*The features are only available to those Ce Assessments customers integrated with a system other than Caseload Explorer OR in a standalone environment.

v. 1.5

Release Date: 5/25/16

  • Ability to share case plan data between two tenants.

  • Ability to mark action steps as “Suspended.”

  • When a case plan is closed, ability for system to automatically mark all active needs and goals as cancelled.

  • Ability to reopen closed goals and action steps.

  • Ability to edit a Circle of Care Member.

  • Ability to select additional relationship types for Circle of Care Members.

  • Ability to capture and store a user’s signature for signing case plans electronically.*

  • Ability to electronically sign Title IV-E Pre-Placement/Placement, TILP and NMD case plans.*

    *Requires the following Topaz Signature Pad: http://www.topazsystems.com/siggem1x5.html
    Here’s how to setup a workstation to use a signature pad: http://www.topazsystems.com/Software/sigweb_install.pdf

v. 1.4

Release Date: 4/27/16

  • Populate YLS/CMI 2.0 Needs in Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plans.

  • Added Caseload Filter on Reporting Dashboard.

  • Ability to drill-down and export data on Reporting Dashboard.

  • Added new metrics: Goals by Status, Plans due for Review, Plans Late for Review and Clients without Active Plans.

  • Added ability to delete case plan documents.

  • Added tenant policy for initial milestone due date and review milestone due date.

  • Enhanced Title IV-E Pre-Placement word template for signature page.

  • Changed redirect after entering a Close Case Plan Milestone to return user back to Client Overview rather than Client List.

v. 1.3

Release Date: 3/23/16

  • Added ability for any user to permanently delete any case plan.

  • Added ability to create and update the CA State Required Juvenile 90-Day Transition Plan FC 1637.

  • Added ability to create, update and complete the CA State Required Transitional Independent Living Plan and Agreement (TILP).

  • Added ability to generate a Plan History Report to show a chronological timeline of changes made to a case plan.

  • Added ability to manage Title IV-E Pre-Placement Needs within Ce Planning’s User Interface rather than managing them in Microsoft Word.

  • Added ability to publish NCCD’s needs narrative language from a completed JAIS assessment into the Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan.

  • Added ability to reopen a closed need on any case plan.

  • Added ability to select additional relationship types for Circle of Care Members (girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, spouse and spiritual leader).

  • Added ability to view the logged in User Name from the User Menu.

  • Added tenant policy to establish minimum and maximum ages on case plans and documents.

v. 1.2

Release Date: 2/24/16

  • Ability to create and update the Title IV-E Evaluation of Imminent Risk and Reasonable Candidacy Form.

  • Ability to create and update the Title IV-E Minor and Family Assessment.

  • Ability to create, update, and complete the Title IV-E Pre-Placement Case Plan.

  • Ability to create, update and complete the Title IV-E Additional Case Plans and Information for Placement Form.

  • Ability to create, update and complete Non-Minor Dependent Assessment Case Plans for Juveniles.

  • Ability to enable/disable Juvenile Permissions for Users.

  • Ability for a record to be sealed in Ce Planning when it is sealed in Ce Assessments.

  • Ability to track and manage case plan milestones.

  • Ability to add a “Supervision” Need on every Adult or Juvenile Case Plan available.

  • Ability to mark action steps, goals and needs as “Cancelled”.

  • Ability to reopen case plans that have been closed.

  • Ability to synchronize users from Ce Assessments to Ce Planning.

v. 1.1

Release Date: 10/14/15

  • Ability to view Supervision Start Date, Maximum Expiration Date, and Most Serious Charge.

  • Ability to view Date Added for a client’s Circle of Care member on a case plan.

  • Ability to remove and view Removed Date for a client’s Circle of Care member on a case plan.

  • Ability to view Created Date, Completed Date, and Completed Status on the case plan PDF report.

  • Abiltiy to import JAIS and CAIS assessments into Ce Planning from Ce Assessments.

  • Ability to display the NCCD CAIS/JAIS Needs Descprition in the Needs Dialog so that the case worker can see the description when adding needs to a case plan.

  • Ability to map needs severity by instrument so that the CAIS/JAIS needs severity displays correctly and is in sequential order.

  • Ability to enhance Add Needs Dialog.

v. 1.0

Release Date: 7/2/15

  • Ability to add and manage a NYC Juvenile and Adult Individual Action Plan with needs, goals and action steps.

  • Ability to add Circle of Care members to a case plan and assign members to action steps.

  • Ability to add needs from the previously completed needs assessment.

  • Ability to add progress notes to any need on a case plan.

  • Ability to auto-save any changes made to the case plan.

  • Ability to complete a case plan and indicate whether it was successful or unsuccessful.

  • Ability to download completed assessment reports from the assessment history on the client overview and case plan screen.

  • Ability to edit goals and action steps.

  • Ability to integrate with Ce Assessments to import clients, caseloads, assessment history and needs.

  • Ability to mark needs, goals and action steps as completed by indicating the status and completed date.

  • Ability to produce a case plan report in PDF format.

  • Ability to search for a client by first name, last name or PIN.

  • Ability to view a client list screen by caseload and search by other caseloads.

  • Ability to view a reporting dashboard to monitor key metrics of supervision plans for your agency.

  • Ability to view assessment history from the client overview and case plan screen.

  • Ability to view when the case plan was created, last updated, completed and the completed status on the case plan screen.