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Ce Pretrial is a SaaS case and data management system designed specifically for Pretrial Services agencies to efficiently and effectively manage all phases of Pretrial. With a focus on providing tools to effectively measure and manage risk, Ce Pretrial leverages today’s most modern technologies and a high level of configuration to reflect industry best practices married closely with local policies and procedures.

With the ability to automate any Pretrial Risk Assessment, Ce Pretrial CJIS-compliant solution simplifies the investigation and intake process, provides comprehensive document management and helps improve positive outcomes through automated Supervision and drug testing scheduling with built-in SMS Text message reminders and notifications.

And data serves a critical role for any Pretrial Services agency, Ce Pretrial also provides standard metrics to reflect key measurements as defined in the 2011 Measuring What Matters Pretrial case study. Additionally, Ce Pretrial provides a customizable data Analysis feature, allowing each user to define and visualize important data measurements to support daily operations or for more detailed Grant funding initiatives.

Best Practices & Key Metrics
Ce Pretrial is designed to reflect and easily measure the best practices and standards defined by the DOJ/NIC’s 2011 Measuring What Matters Pretrial case study, as well as other key measurements that provide valuable insights into a Pretrial Services agency’s operations and outcomes.
Data & Analysis
Ce Pretrial provides access to powerful reporting and analysis functionality, allowing users to create their own Analysis Dashboards which are updated in real time and easily imported to Excel.
Ce Pretrial’s calendar provides enhanced visibility into all defendant-related activities, from Court Appearances, Reporting, Tasks and Drug Testing. With a focus on creating efficiencies, Ce Pretrial provides detailed filtering functionality to allow users to focus on and complete specific tasks and events.
Defendant Visibility
Ce Pretrial was designed to give officers access to important defendant-related information, from scheduled events or tasks to reporting rules & case information. Ce Pretrial provides access to detailed data, from demographics, contact information, criminal history, documents, contact history & all case activity.
Measure Risk
The interview and assessment provide critical information to determine a release recommendation – Ce Pretrial is able to accommodate any Pretrial Risk assessments while providing a simplified interview workflow to help determine ties to the community and stability.
Automate Manual Tasks – Document Management
Ce Pretrial provides further efficiencies through a Microsoft Word plugin that allows users to create custom document templates, from consent forms to Violations reports. The document management system allows for any file to be stored, with all document or files generated from the defendant’s record.
Automate Manual Tasks – Document Management
Whether preparing Recommendation documentation, Bond Reports or Supervision instructions, Ce Pretrial completely automates the process, capturing data already entered into the application to generate individual and bulk reports to save valuable staff time and resources.
Defendant Communication
Industry research shows reduced FTA & FTR rates when participants receive regular reminders. Ce Pretrial is configured to provide SMS Text or Phone reminders for all scheduled status hearings, appointments and random drug/alcohol tests. Ce Pretrial also allows Officers to receive and send custom text messages from within the system.
Technology & Security
Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Government CJIS, HIPAA and FedRAMP-compliant Cloud Hosting Platform, AIMS provides customers – and their data - the security and reliability expected from a solution transmitting and storing sensitive participant of clinical data.