Patch 1

Release Date: 9/26/16


  • Fixed an issue where values on OPCA400 were inaccurate for Number Interviewed/Assessed/Evaluated, Number of Admissions/Placements/Intakes, and Number Satisfactory Completing Program.

  • Fixed an issue where the DNA Required Activity Due was not removed when the radial button was un-checked.

  • Fixed an issue where Itineraries occasionally did not generate a Pending Contact Event.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to update a course schedule.

  • Fixed an issue where Topaz signature pads were not allowing signature imports in Word Templates

  • Fixed an issue where errored address records were triggered to re-send to IPRS.

  • Fixed an issue where Caseload changes were not detected under certain circumstances.

New York City

  • Replaced “Created By” column with “Primary Officer” within the Active Violations Tree-node.

  • Added PSI Transmissions Tree-node.

  • Added Program Locator Tree-node.

  • Fixed an issue with Arrests tree-node where there were multiple listings for the same Caseload.

  • Added Local Documents to main Help menu

  • Added configurations to support managing adolescent youthful adults in cognitive behavioral therapy group sessions.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate present court proceedings were showing on the PSI.