Patch 1

Release Date: 10/17/16


  • Fixed an issue where users received an error when adding additional details to existing itineraries.

  • Fixed an issue where Activities Due were not removed on Closed Pre-Dispositional Supervision Cases.

  • Fixed an issue where formatting restrictions did not allow 6-digit IPRS Client ID numbers.

Nassau County

  • Fixed an issue where obligations were not generated due to subquery errors.

New York City

  • Added Last Home visit field to All Clients tree-nodes.

  • Fixed an issue where All Clients tree-nodes were showing incorrect Last Field/Home Contact dates.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rearrest tree-node was opening the incorrect Client.

  • Modified Contact Event status to be set to Complete instead of Pending when marked as CBT Attendance.

Schoharie County

  • Made a modification to report parameters to fix runtime errors occurring when printing checks.

  • Modified the formatting of Schoharie customer check.‚Äč

Westchester County

  • Increased character limit for Reference Number from 30 to 50.