All Customers:

  • Accounting: Fixed Check Register report to sort by check numbers correctly.

  • Validation: Added validation for date entry to require a year for date/time fields.

  • Documents: Updated Copy Document functionality to reset Completed By/Time and Read Only status on the document copy. Updated “Entered By” to reflect the officer who copied the document rather than the original author.

  • Documents: Fixed issue where PDF file names would not display on the documents tab.

  • Documents: Fixed issue where opening Word Documents that were imported with a file name containing commas or dashes were returning errors.

  • Tree nodes: For tree nodes with a single date field, “Save Preferences” functionality has been removed to prevent further errors.

  • Organizations: Fixed issue where an Organization Name with an apostrophe would not save.

New York Customers:

  • IPRS: Fixed an issue where for IPRS Options was not being honored properly

  • DP30: Corrected DP30 violations sproc to correctly include offenders without a Disposition Date.

California Customers:

  • Juvenile History Report: Implemented a fix so that sealed cases no longer display. Also, when an offender record is sealed, a blank juvenile history report is generated.