Patch 11

Release Date: 1/8/2016 (includes all patch 9 and 10 changes)

  • State reports OPCA 30, OPCA 30A and SORA issues: A number of fields were reported missing.  These fields have been corrected, so there are no longer fields with missing data.

  • Error when deleting certain events – This was corrected so that no events should have errors when attempting to delete them.

  • Rewards are not showing on the PRCR report – This was fixed so that Rewards are now showing on the PRCR report.

  • PSI Admin issue – PSI’s were not being resent when ‘Reset Errors’ was selected.  We now correctly mark a PSI as “Retry” when a user clicks reset errors.

  • Deleting or merging an offender isn’t “unlinking” a match in the arrest inbox.  Example: An arrest that had two matches but one of them was either deleted or merged is putting the record in a broken state which cannot be “accepted” or “rejected.”  This has been resolved so that the record is no longer in a broken state.

  • Deadlocks error messages – Issues have been addressed for all counties experiencing deadlocks when creating Events.

  • The Caseload Explorer “Help” drop-down menu now has a link to the CX release notes/guides/patch list

  • Caseload Reassignment sorting issue – The screen used to reassign clients to different caseloads was not showing the clients as sorted by name or grouped by folder. This has been corrected to show results as sorted alphabetically and grouped with the folder and cases listed together. 

  • IID report issues – The IID report was not populating with Registration/Title Check or LENS Registration Check. This has been corrected.

  • ATTN line in templates – Template data fields are not showing the proper value for the “Attention” field for addresses.  It appears to be populating the country instead of the attention line.  This has been corrected to pull form the “Attention” line as expected.

  • PDF conversion error – Receiving error message when converting to PDF from CX > Offender > Document tab > open document.  PDFs now convert without error.

  • Check Shortage issue – Issue with check shortage causing counties to not be able to write checks as the balance is showing as $0 on the check detail when it should be negative.  This has been corrected to allow negative balances.

  • Close IJD “Sequence error” – This error would occur when performing a Close – IJD event.  This patch corrects this issue so there is no longer a sequence error when performing the Close – IJD event.

  • Updated Re-Arrest misconduct workflow with new event attributes to be used to populate Misconduct spec. -Customer QA

  • OPCA 30A issue with linking cases – It was discovered that linking cases from the cases tab on a client would trigger multiple instances to be captured on this report.  The report should only capture one instance of a case based on the folder’s charge(s) regardless of how many times a case is linked.  This has been corrected.

  • NYC – Criminal Case Folder Arresting Officer is a Drop Down List – This was changed to be a text field per NYC’s request.

  • Westchester – Assignment investigation caseloads – The Assignment Investigation screen should not load inactive caseloads that are assigned to officers.  This has been corrected to no longer load inactive caseloads.

  • NYC – RAI fix – Print RAI functionality has been added.

  • NYC – VOP mapping error – Wrong values showing in the misconduct specification text when performing a re-arrest.  This has been corrected to show the proper values for misconduct specifications.

Patch 10

Release Date: 12/2/15 (NYC Only)

  • Additional fix to correct deadlock issues found after patch 9 was released to NYC

  • Criminal Case Folder Arresting Officer is a Drop Down List for NYC – This was changed to be free text for NYC

  • Assignment Investigation caseloads – Westchester’s Assignment Investigation Feature – This screen should not load inactive caseloads that are assigned to officers. This was fixed to no longer show inactive caseloads

  • Additional IID Fix based on bug found by Automon QA

  • Manual Activities Due issue – Bug that was preventing customers from creating a manual activity if they have the Officer.Activity.Create permission set to true.

  • There was an error when closing JD intake cases.  This screen no longer errors.

  • Fix to add the Associate.Documents.ClearSignatures and Juvenile.Documents.ClearSignatures permissions.

  • If you select ‘Exclude Youthful Offender’ the Address by Zip report excludes anyone who has ever had a YO case, currently active or not.   Address by Zip report fixed according to John Adams’ additional requirements.

Patch 9

Release Date: 11/24/15 (NYC Only)

  • Intended to fix NYC deadlock issues

Patch 8

Release Date: 11/23/15

  • Manual Activities Due –  Manual Activities Due does not load officer’s name when you launch it and try to find an officer

  • Temporary Transfer attribute – The temporary transfer attribute was not showing the correct value.  We removed the temporary transfer attribute from the case folder case grid for criminal and family.   Ulster reported this on ticket 1569

  • IID Report – the 3 new fields on the IID report were not pulling all of the data that they should have been.  This has been corrected.