Patch 1

Release Date: 3/23/16

  • ATTN in address – The attention line was showing when it was not called for. A fix to prevent ATTN from appearing in addresses by default has been applied. You will not have to edit existing address lines in templates to remove ATTN.

  • ROR state field – One county was having an issue where the State field was not being displayed on the “New ROR Wizard.” This has been fixed so that the State field will show on the wizard for all counties.

  • PSI Permissions – Removed duplicated permissions that were appearing in Caseload Explorer PSI signature permissions section for Juveniles and Associates.

  • Officer attribute: Hours Off – The “Hours Off” attribute from the officer overview page has been removed.

  • Legacy Social Circumstances – There were 2 social circumstances attributes being referenced in the PSI report. The old/legacy attribute has been deactivated so this will no longer be an issue.

  • IPRS reg # issue – This has been fixed so that no IPRS issues related to white space characters in the registration number occur going forward.

  • Fix to “Sequence Error” issues – This one was regarding the Activities Due feature in Caseload Explorer. If a previous activity was cancelled, then when completing certain actions in Caseload Explorer that trigger a new activity, you would get an error that stated the “sequence contained more than one element.” This bug has been fixed so that users will no longer see this error in Caseload Explorer.