Multiple Pretrial Involvement Support

Released: 1/26/18

AutoMon has enhanced the Ce Pretrial workflow by allowing for multiple active pretrial involvements at a time. This will allow the user to create a brand new pretrial case in the event that the defendant is on a warrant and/or has been rearrested and needs to be tracked separately.

When clicking on a the menu item ‘ New Pretrial Case’, users will no longer be presented with a validation message that the defendant already has an active pretrial case.

Users will be presented with the option to create a new case and enter a new case number.

Users will filter between the multiple active cases to perform the investigation (if applicable) and indicate the release decision.

When creating a new hearing, users can select which pretrial case the hearing is scheduled for.

When creating a new drug test, users can select which pretrial case the drug test is scheduled for.

In the analysis feature, the defendant will only appear once under the ‘Defendants’ data source, however all their pretrial cases will appear under the ‘Pretrial Case’ data source.