Released: 5/28/2019

Release Decisions – Case Activity

AutoMon has updated the case activity screen to expose a full audit of the Release Decision History. Below is a screenshot of how the case activity screen will display:

New Data Source – Current Hearings

AutoMon has added a new data source to Ce Pretrial, titled “Current Hearings.” This data source allows users to run a query to view a list of defendants who need a hearing to be scheduled. Users will see a dash “-” if there was no last hearing and/or next hearing scheduled.   

Tasks List Filtering Enhancement

AutoMon has enhanced the Tasks list filtering by allowing users to filter by Defendants Only. Previously, users were required to filter by both “Assigned to Officer” and “Defendant”. Users can click on the filter icon to filter by Defendant; when doing so, the “Assigned To” field will default to the logged in user. If the logged in user does not have a caseload, the user should remove their name from the Assigned To field. This will then allow the user to filter by Defendant only.