Released: 6/24/2019

The Ce Pretrial v1.63 release includes several bug fixes and the following new functionality:

Ability to Delete an Infraction in the Violation Tab

Ce Pretrial v1.63 adds functionality to delete an arrest in the infractions section in the Violations tab. Deleted arrest infractions will not appear in Analysis as an infraction.

New Dashboard KPI: No Future Hearing Scheduled

Several customers have requested added functionality to determine if a defendant’s next hearing has been entered into Ce Pretrial.  v1.63 adds a new KPI on the main Dashboard (bottom left) labeled Missing Future Hearings, showing, by caseload, the number of defendants without a future scheduled hearing. 

Clicking on any caseload will navigate the user to a page detailing all defendants without a future scheduled hearing, including:

  • Defendant photo, name, ID number;
  • Cases linked to each active involvement, and;
  • Supervision level.

The page provides the ability to filter by:

  • Defendant name or ID;
  • Case number, or;
  • Supervision level.

Per a previous release, users also have the ability to use the Analysis functionality to identify scheduled/unscheduled Hearings for all defendants on all caseloads (with filtering capabilities to identify a subset of defendants and/or caseloads) by using the Current Hearings data source. Defendants without a future scheduled Hearing will have a dash (“-“) in the Next Hearing Type and Next Hearing Date columns: