V 4.9.10

Released: 3/16/2015


  • Added feature to allow users to delete SRF Errors from the Ce SRF logged-in site.
  • Fixes to Offender State (AST) and Zip Code (AZP) fields.

V 4.8

Released: 7/28/2014

New Fields

Ce SRF now supports automatically sending the following fields:

  • Offender Address – DOJ SRF Data Field Codes “ADR, ACY, AST, and AZP”
  • Supervising Officer Email – DOJ SRF Data Field Code “SOE”

Please reference the DOJ SRF/SFTP File Format document for details of allowed character length and special characters for each of these fields.

FCN Number

If a case is re-opened after being closed or the Supervision End Date has passed, SRF will no longer attempt to re-send the case’s previous FCN.  DOJ and Caseload Explorer will retire the FCN Number.

Error Report

The Officer name will display on the Ce SRF Error Report.   

V 4.7

Released: 3/6/2014

OCA Number

Enhancement to Ce SRF to display both the offender’s PIN and the Court Case Unique Identifier.

Offense Code

A fix to the procedure for Ce SRF to determine the most serious charge.

New SRF Misc Field

The addition of an editable attribute field for Supervision cases in Caseload Explorer called “SRF Misc Field”.  This is for the use of entering any information not currently sent through the interface, like terms and conditions or any other necessary field.  This will be a free text 500 character field that will send a Modify to SRF if edited.  Any information entered into this field on the Supervision case will be sent automatically through the interface.

Special Characters allowed by DOJ:

Space, hyphen [-], comma [,], dollar [$], ampersand [&], asterisk [*], colon [:], parenthesis [()], plus [+], percent [%]P

The following screenshots are an example of the new “SRF Misc Field” in Caseload Explorer.